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February 28, 2007

An Odd Law, With Consequence?

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Does this seem a tad out of whack to anyone else?

Jealous husbands may face trial in court

Mexican men who display extreme jealousy or avoid sex with their wives could be tried in court and punished under a new law, the special prosecutor for crimes against women told a local newspaper on Friday.

I know a certain fellow that wouldn’t bode well under such a law. As a matter of fact, I’ve known quite a few guys who were so insecure, they couldn’t believe their wives/girlfriends are faithful…perhaps they themselves were not. One of those “methinks thou dost protest too much” type scenarios.

Men who phone their wives every half hour to check up on them, constantly suspect them of infidelity or try to control the way they dress are committing the crime of jealousy, special prosecutor Alicia Elena Perez Duarte told Excelsior newspaper.

How is the woman suppose to get anything done around the house if she has to keep answering the phone. Me? I’d just turn the sucker off.

Those who stop talking to their wives, avoid sex or try to convince suspicious spouses they are “crazy” even if they are caught red-handed having an affair, are guilty of indifference, she said.

If someone tells you how crazy you are on frequent basis, the woman is going to start believe it. Make her think she’s completely off the deep end, and she might snap and there could be blood gushing all over the floor…..his!

Men found guilty of jealousy or indifference could face up to five years in prison, the newspaper said. Mexico’s individual states will determine the punishments, it said.

Oh yeah, that would make everything all right. Make him go in jealous, have him come out convince she was unfaithful and mad as a hatter.

In Mexico, about 75 percent of all murdered women are killed by their husbands, Perez Duarte said.

This is a very bad thing, and yes, something should be done to stem the tide, but I don’t this is answer.

Perez Duarte said the law would be a weapon that women could employ to level the playing field with abusive men.

A good education, a decent job, makes a man feel a lot better about himself. The Mexican government could offer adult education, and job training. Educated people are less likely to be horses rumps. Not always, but as a rule. 🙂

“Jealousy produces a particular type of stress in the person that comes up against it,” she said. “It is exactly the same. They are wounds, psychological scars identical to physical scars.”

I find jealousy and anger to be mentally and physically exhausting. I avoid both at all costs. 🙂

H/T:  The World According to Nick and Dr. Helen


A Few Inconvenient Truths

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Let Them Eat Tofu!

Even right-wingers who know that “global warming” is a crock do not seem to grasp what the tree-huggers are demanding. Liberals want mass starvation and human devastation.

Forget the lunacy of people claiming to tell us the precise temperature of planet Earth in 1918 based on tree rings. Or the fact that in the ’70s liberals were issuing similarly dire warnings about “global cooling.”

I’m old enough (unfortunately) to clearly remember the fear that was being spread freely as we were told glaciers were going to run us down at any minute.

They think they can live in a world of only Malibu and East Hampton — with no Trentons or Detroits. It does not occur to them that someone has to manufacture the tiles and steel and glass and solar panels that go into those “eco-friendly” mansions, and someone has to truck it all to their beachfront properties, and someone else has to transport all the workers there to build it. (And then someone has to drive the fleets of trucks delivering the pachysandra and bottled water every day.)

Sadly, this is one area that even I hadn’t thought of, not that I have a eco-friendly house anywhere, especially not in Malibu, or even East Hampton.

There was more energy consumed in the manufacture, construction and maintenance of Leonardo DiCaprio’s Malibu home than is needed to light the entire city of Albuquerque, where there are surely several men who can actually act. But he has solar panels to warm his house six degrees on chilly Malibu nights.

They say ignorance is bliss. There must be a lot of bliss amongst the Hollyweird crowd.

Because of the industrialization of agriculture — using massive amounts of fossil fuel — only 2 percent of Americans work in farming. And yet they produce enough food to feed all 300 million Americans, with plenty left over for export. When are liberals going to break the news to their friends in Darfur that they all have to starve to death to save the planet?

The price of corn, and corn products has already risen because of the obsession with ethanol.

Liberals have always had a thing about eliminating humans. Stalin wanted to eliminate the kulaks and Ukranians, vegetarian atheist Adolf Hitler wanted to eliminate the Jews, Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger wanted to eliminate poor blacks, DDT opponent Rachel Carson wanted to eliminate Africans (introduction to her book “Silent Spring” written by … Al Gore!), and population-control guru Paul Ehrlich wants to eliminate all humans.

All conservatives – pro life, pro gun, pro freedom types – quit breathing NOW! You must die in order to preserve the libs fantasies.

It seems not to have occurred to the jet set that when California is as poor as Mexico, they might have trouble finding a maid. Without trucking, packaging, manufacturing, shipping and refrigeration in their Bel-Air fantasy world, they’ll be chasing the rear-end of an animal every time their stomachs growl and killing small animals for pelts to keep their genitals warm.

Wouldn’t that be a hoot….seeing those who believe animals have more rights than humans, wearing mink. Oh, but then, the thinking, working type folks won’t be around to chuckle.

Evening Snack

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Waupun slap shot: Liquor found in community center

Citing hockey puck marks half way up the walls, a Zamboni room that had liquor bottles with liquor still in them and a soda machine dispensing beer, mayor Jodi Steger said last night that the Waupun Community Center isn’t in good shape, and it’s time to get a new agreement with the Hockey Association.

Why would they need liquor at kids hockey games?

New York City Council approves resolution urging people not to use racial slur

New York declared the n-word off limits to all races Wednesday in a purely symbolic resolution prompted by the common, casual use of the slur in hip-hop music, comedy and street slang.

As much as people using the word in casual conversation (and elsewhere) shows their ignorance, banning the use of the word is even more so. We have a 1st Amendment that protects even the ignorant.

Plans unveiled for National Law Enforcement Museum

Plans have been unveiled for a National Law Enforcement Museum in downtown Washington.

Groundbreaking is scheduled for next summer, near the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial.

It’s about time! The majority of police officers are beyond reproach and as such, they deserve honor.

Ornamental fish back on display at restaurant after legal fight

Ornamental fish seized last summer from a popular Chinese restaurant were put back on display Wednesday, ending a legal battle that pitted the state’s concern for native game fish against an immigrant businessman’s devotion to pet fish he credits for his success.

It’s a bloomin’ fish fer cryin’ out loud! Maine doesn’t have anything better to do, like maybe count the grains of sand in a kid’s sandbox?

US will not extradite CIA agents

A Milan judge earlier this month ordered the Americans to stand trial with Italian spies for kidnapping a Muslim imam and flying him to Egypt, where he says he was tortured.

Since no one seems to give a damn about honoring our extradition requests, why should we honor theirs? Seems simple enough to me. Although I’m sure there’s going to be some backlash over this, so be it.

Justice Department Announces $45 Million Multi-Ton Drug Bust Targeting Mexican Organization

“Operation Imperial Emperor” targeted the Mexico-based Victor Emilio Cazares-Gastellum, a.k.a. “Victor Emilio Cazares-Salazar,” drug trafficking organization, which Justice says has been responsible for supplying multi-ton quantities of cocaine, as well as large amounts of methamphetamine and marijuana, monthly to distribution cells throughout the United States.
The investigation has also netted $6.1 million in property and assets, as well as roughly 100 weapons and 94 vehicles. The drug ring is based in Sinaloa, Mexico.

And there are those who don’t think we should close the borders? How many lives were saved by this bust? Maybe that cash could be used to repay the states for services used by Mexico’s illegal visitors. Just a thought.

McCain to Formally Announce Bid in April

Republican Sen. John McCain will officially enter the presidential race – his second run after a bitter loss to George W. Bush in 2000 – with a formal announcement in early April after a trip to Iraq.

WHAT? McCain announce’s he is planning to announce to run? Golly gee Mr. Wizard! Is it going to be a surprise?

31 new crime lab specialists is approved

The Legislature’s budget committee voted tonight to hire 31 crime lab specialists over several months – enough to wipe out a backlog fueled by growing DNA evidence from crime scenes by the end of 2010.

Perhaps now a few crimes will have resolutions! This is going to be a never ending process since people don’t seem to want to stop committing crimes.

Victim: ‘It was either him or me’

Shirley Reed wasn’t sure whether the gun was real even after the stranger fired a warning shot. But the 60-year-old woman wasn’t going to give up the keys to her car.
“It was either him or me,” Ms. Reed told police after the Tuesday night scrap outside her Frisco apartment building. So she grabbed the gun, turned the barrel toward her assailant’s stomach and pulled the trigger.


Interesting Choice of Words

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H/T: Lone Star Pundit

Another Ban?

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Sadly, there is no ban on stupidity.

‘Hang up and drive’ could also mean ‘hang up or die’

I couldn’t understand why the “idiot” behind me kept blasting his horn.

Every few seconds, another honk. I was in the center lane minding my own business cruising down a city street with my car windows down on a beautiful day last fall.

I was chatting with my wife on my cell phone and one of my favorite songs, “Jive Talkin” by the Bee Gees, was playing on the car radio.

Suddenly, the “idiot” who was changing my good mood pulled up along side me in the lane to my right. We came to a stop at a red light. The “idiot” rolled down his window and bellowed, “You idiot, turn off your blinker. It’s been on for 10 blocks. Hang up and drive.”

I will admit, I have used my cell phone while driving. I don’t do it on a regular basis, and only when it’s safe to do so, like no other cars are close enough for it to be a problem, and only briefly, and completely out of necessity (just ask Mr. Ol’ Broad, or my daughter).

Common sense should tell us not to do something that is going to distract us while steering a few tons of steel and plastic, moving at a high rate of speed, or even not so high rate of speed. Unfortunately, common sense seems to have died a long time ago. It was probably around the time that Dr. Spock insisted that spanking wasn’t a good idea. Since then, we have become so self absorbed, we think the world revolves around us, and everyone else is at fault for our own stupidity.

According to an analysis by the Los Angeles Times, in 2001 at least 4,699 reported accidents in California were blamed on drivers using cell phones. In those crashes, 31 people were killed and 2,786 were injured. California will now ban the use of hand-held cell phones while driving, effective July 1, 2008.

So, we have another ban to regulate our behavior. Is this a good idea? Where does it end? I agree, people should not be gabbing on the phone while driving. There are consequences for our actions, and since the government has decided to put an end to any consequences, will we ever be held responsible?

Finger in the Wind

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Gay Bishop Says No to Ultimatum

The first openly gay Episcopal bishop, whose consecration has brought the world’s Anglicans to the brink of schism, said Tuesday that the Episcopal Church should not give in to demands that it roll back its acceptance of gays.

We all tend to pick and choose what we want to believe, or follow, in the Bible. We’re in the wrong, plain and simple. There are some rules that were laid down that had more to do with the times, the lack of sufficient hygiene, and no USDA. However, there are some laws that were not meant to be dismissed with the passage of time.

I find it disturbing that those in the clergy are doing some picking and choosing of their own. Shouldn’t those we look to for guidance be held to a higher standard? The more secular they become, the more lost we become.

A couple of passages came to mind:

Deuteronomy 12:32 See that you do all I command you; do not add to it or take away from it.

Leviticus18:22 Do not lie with a man as one lies with a woman; that is detestable.

It’s not my job to pass judgment on anyone, casting stones would get ’em coming right back to me. I honestly don’t care if there are gay clergy, although I find it odd that they would be pushing such an agenda.

Robinson said gays and lesbians were being asked to sacrifice much more than others. He compared Anglicans who oppose full acceptance of gays and lesbians to the Pharisees, and said Jesus would never have been asked to halt his ministries out of sensitivity to them.

An odd reaction, in my opinion.  Pushing for acceptance of a practice that was stated as being “detestable” is rather bizarre.

Gov. Dopey

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Donations from Troha family to Doyle, Dems. total nearly $500,000

A Kenosha developer under investigation for money he and family members gave Gov. Jim Doyle donated nearly half a million dollars to the governor and Democratic groups since 2002, an Associated Press review of donation records showed.

Gee, I wonder if Doyle might have done something wrong? Naw, can’t be. The most ethical of all governors? (sarcasm)

Businessman Dennis Troha is under investigation by the FBI and the U.S. Attorney’s office. At issue is whether Troha broke state law by giving money to family members to donate to Doyle after Troha reached the annual contribution limit of $10,000.

And to think, the people of Wisconsin could have actually elected someone with some decency, but yet, they re-elected one of the most ethically challenge instead. Go figure.

Jay Heck, director of the nonpartisan watchdog group Common Cause Wisconsin, said the donations were likely the largest ever given by a single family.

“He didn’t give this money to promote democracy or good government,” Heck said. “He did it to get something.”

Ya think?

The governor has repeatedly said that Troha’s donations would not influence his decision. Troha has said his support for the governor goes beyond the casino issue.

The guy that has been bought and paid for by many different groups, including WEAC, wouldn’t think of letting money influence his decision, would he? (more sarcasm, obviously)

The list showed that between 2002 and 2006, Troha and his relatives gave a total of $465,000 to the governor, the Democratic Governors Association, Doyle’s two inaugural balls and the Wisconsin Democratic Party’s federal account. The $90,000 given to that account can only be spent on federal races.
Of the $465,000 given, $200,000 went to Doyle.

Must be nice to be able to buy a governor, although, it does seem a tad expensive. I’m sure he can be bought for a little less…say $199,999.50?

Jeff Fleming, a spokesman for Troha, did not immediately return a message seeking comment Wednesday. Troha’s attorney and a spokesman for Doyle also did not return messages for comment.

Why does that guy’s name seem so familiar?

Kevin St. John, spokesman for Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen, would not comment Wednesday on whether there is also a state investigation under way. Van Hollen said in August, when he was campaigning for office, that he believed there should be an investigation into donations Doyle received from casino interests.

Snap to it J.B., don’t you want to work with “Governor Lawton”?? 🙂

Alcohol Dispute

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Muslim cabbies tell airport they won’t bend in alcohol dispute

For Abdi Mohamed, it’s not a question of whether he’ll carry passengers with alcohol in his cab. The question is whether he’ll get punished for refusing to do so.

“I am Muslim. I’m not going to carry alcohol,” Mohamed, a driver for Bloomington Cab, told a Metropolitan Airports Commission panel that gathered public opinion Tuesday regarding proposed penalties for cabbies who refuse service to passengers carrying alcohol.

Isn’t it amazing that before local and national gubmints starting caving into the …. “special interests”, this was not even an issue?

According to airport officials, about 80 percent of their cabdrivers are Somali, who are commonly Muslim. Islam religious law strictly forbids the carrying of alcohol.

Perhaps they should find a different way to earn a living? This is the U.S. We have a Constitution that prohibits discriminating on the basis of religion. What would a Catholic priest do if carrying a bottle of wine blessed by the Pope is refused service by a Muslim cabdriver? Not saying it’s happened, or would, but “what if”?

Much of the hearing was dedicated to concerns over whether Muslim cabbies would also refuse service to blind passengers with trained guide dogs, because of Muslim prohibitions against interacting with dogs.

Several blind people voiced their concerns, but cabbies at the hearing said such worries aren’t warranted. Refusing service to blind passengers is against federal law.

“I am a Muslim and I have taken many guide dogs,” Abdi Mohamed said.

But the cabbies and their supporters left no doubt that they aren’t flexible on the alcohol issue.

No doubt about it. These folks are in the wrong business. Perhaps they should return to their own countries if they want to follow Islamic law?

Hassan Mohamud, a Muslim imam and adjunct law professor at William Mitchell College of Law, said the Muslim cab drivers are only trying to support their families, both here and in their strife-torn home country, and are being placed in an impossible situation.

They are placing everyone else in “an impossible situation”.

“This is a religious freedom issue, and it will not end here,” Abdi said. “It will go to the courts, even the Supreme Court. The drivers will not relinquish their rights to be protected under American law.”

My religion says I can carry, and even consume, alcohol, in moderation. You are infringing on MY rights.

Morning Coffee 2/28/07 (late)

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Yes, I know, it’s no longer morning. I had some plumbing issues (garbage disposal doesn’t work and isn’t under warranty anymore). I finally got someone over to look at it, but he’s not a plumber (Realtor). As an example of just how different the south is from the north, he told me he has a brand new disposal, never out of the box, I could have (no charge) if this one needs to be replaced. 🙂

Bar close at 3:30 a.m.?

Lawmakers are moving quickly to ensure that anyone imbibing the night, or rather the early morning, that daylight-saving time begins won’t have to stop early.

Oh joy, drivers an hour drunker than usual. Just what the roads need. The clocks aren’t suppose to change till 2:00 a.m., so this is going to make that big a difference? If you have to be blitzed, start an hour earlier.

Police probe death in organ donation case

Police are investigating whether a Kaiser Permanente transplant surgeon attempted to hasten the death last February of a 26-year-old San Luis Obispo man on life support in order to harvest his organs more quickly.

Looks like trusting doctors just got a lot harder.

Police policy on questioning defended

Three months after the City Council apologized to a rape victim police didn’t believe, the Madison Police Department has adopted a written policy that says officers won’t lie to victims of sensitive crimes – unless they have to.

Sadly, there are some women who will lie about such a horrible crime, but hopefully, they are few and far between. The police, however, should take each charge seriously! How many women do not report a rape because of the way police treat many victims? I know of at least one.

Sharemarket slide just a ‘correction’

THE sharemarket slide that began in China, raced around the world and cost Australian share investors $33 billion yesterday, was an overdue correction and not necessarily the beginning of a prolonged slump, experts maintain.

I’m not worried, and you shouldn’t be either! 🙂

Lawmakers eyeing future energy crises beyond coal wars

State and federal lawmakers from Waco mostly welcomed news that the three controversial plants TXU had previously proposed for McLennan County are now off the table. However, the debate over how best to meet Texas’ growing demand for electricity while protecting the environment will continue, each said.

U.S. Rep. Chet Edwards, D-Waco, said the change in plans represents a positive step forward.

Everybody wants cleaner sources of energy, but when they come up with an idea (cleaner burning coal, nuclear) they go out of their way to stop the effort. These people are confusing me.

Major donor among those upset over Wren cross

A major donor to the College of William and Mary is among the college’s alumni who have voiced strong opposition to a decision to remove a cross from permanent display in the university’s Wren Chapel.

It’s a chapel! It’s suppose to have a Cross!!!! What on earth is wrong with these people? If they want to open it to other religions, all well and good, but it’s still a chapel, and the history is a lot more important than some PC’s delicate sensibilities.

Winter storm warning issued for FdL area

Snow and sleet is expected north of a line from Milwaukee to Madison late tonight, with scatter thunderstorms possible. Snowfall of 3 to 5 inches is expected. Winds up to 30 mph are expected to produce blowing snow. Ice accumulations also are likely.

Gee, I’m sorry to hear that (she says while sitting in a house with all windows wide open). Y’all stay warm now, y’hear? 🙂

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