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February 1, 2007

Odds and Ends

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Last Harry Potter book coming out in July

“Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows,” the last of seven installments of the boy wizard’s adventures, will be published July 21, author J.K. Rowling said today.

It’s about bloomin’ time! 🙂

$23 billion sent to Mexico in ’06

The amount of money that Mexican immigrants sent back to their homeland hit a record $23 billion in 2006 – suggesting a greater number of workers are sending more money home.

Immigration experts attributed last year’s 15 percent rise to multiple factors, including increased migration, more generosity by immigrants and cheaper sending costs.

Increased migration? Why don’t they just call it what it is? ILLEGAL! I’d suggest raising the rates for sending money to a foreign country.

Boston Officials Vow to Prosecute Those Behind ‘Aqua Teen’ Botched Marketing Campaign

BOSTON — Boston officials, livid about a publicity campaign that had disrupted the city by stirring fears of terrorism, vowed to prosecute those responsible and seek restitution for the $500,000 cost of the response.

And well they should! What a stupid thing to do!

Chirac retracts remarks on Iran threat

French President Jacques Chirac said in an interview with three newspapers that Iran’s possession of a nuclear bomb would not be “very dangerous” and that if it used the weapon on Israel, Teheran would be immediately “razed,” according to a newspaper report.

However, Chirac – who made the comments during a Monday interview with The New York Times, The International Herald Tribune and Le Nouvel Observateur, a weekly magazine – called reporters back the next day to try to have his quotes retracted.

Another French white flag?

Most top UN officials defy resignation request

UNITED NATIONS: Most top UN officials have defied a request to submit their resignations to make way for new appointees, the world body said on Wednesday, hinting at the obstacles to reform faced by new UN chief Ban Ki-moon.

Did Ban Ki-moon really think the folks at the UN were just go along with his reforms? Pffft!


A JUDGE yesterday halted the barmy trial of a chip shop owner and his son who performed a citizen’s arrest on a 12-year-old thug – only to be charged with kidnapping.

And in a swipe at the Police and the Crown Prosecution Service, he said the case, which cost taxpayers £60,000, should never have been brought to court.

Nicholas Tyers, 46, and his Royal Marine son Lee, 20, collared the yob after he spat at customers, called them w*****s, made V-signs, smashed a window and threatened to have them firebombed.

This sort of thing is getting ridiculous, especially in England. Criminals seem to have more rights that law abiding citizens. (I’m guessing the w*****s is wankers? 🙂 )

Richard Branson to launch Virgin stem cell bank

British entrepreneur Richard Branson is to add a stem cell storage company to his sprawling Virgin empire, a brand that already covers everything from cola and lingerie to airlines and space tourism.

I’m biting my tongue! 🙂



  1. I saw the news about the Potter book this morning, and immediately marked my calender. I honestly wonder if this book will end up being the second best selling book of all time

    Comment by Sean — February 1, 2007 @ 10:24

  2. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised! Ya know, I think more grownups have read those books than kids. LOL

    Comment by olbroad — February 1, 2007 @ 10:32

  3. I am not sure about that. I was at a Midnight release party for the last book, and of teh couple hundred people there the crowd was pretty evenly split among adults and kids. Although there were more adults dressed up in Wizard garb

    Comment by Sean — February 1, 2007 @ 10:43

  4. We are definitely an odd species! LOL

    Comment by olbroad — February 1, 2007 @ 11:32

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