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February 1, 2007

Parents’ Actions Punish Children

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Questions over Palestinian family locked up for 3 months

“Inhumanity” and “atrocity” are just two words being used to describe news of four Palestinian children and their mother being imprisoned by federal immigration officials for nearly three months now.

The story began November 2nd during a pre-dawn raid.

Federal agents swept down on the Richardson apartment of Salaheddin Ibrahim, arresting him and five members of his family for immigration violations.

Salaheddin was taken to a federal immigration prison in Haskell, Texas.

His wife Hanan and four of their children: Hamza (15), Rodina (14), Maryam (8) and Fatin(5), were all bused hundreds of miles away to the T. Don Hutto Residential Center in Taylor, Texas.

I’m real sorry that kids have to go through the indignity of such actions, but if the parents weren’t so dead set on breaking laws, it wouldn’t happen.

Also left behind was the baby of the family, three-year-old Zahra.

Since Zahra was born in America, Department of Homeland Security officials are allowing her to live with her Uncle Ahmed Ibrahim in Dallas.

This is one reason why citizenship should NOT be automatic.

Attorney John Wheat Gibson of Dallas, who represents the Ibrahim family, says he also detests the family’s treatment. “It’s there in front of our eyes, but we don’t want to believe it, we refuse to believe it, we really don’t believe it.”

There are prisons because people break laws. You break the law, you go to prison. Sadly, in this case, the kids have to go too since they are also illegal. Should it matter which country a person comes from if they break our laws? Of course not. Greek, Mexican, or Palestinian, if they are illegal, they are illegal, period!

H/T to Texas Fred’s who has been in contact with the author of this piece, Brett Shipp.


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