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February 5, 2007

The Horse’s Mouth

Soldier disgusted by lack of support

As promised by the U.S. Senate, they have passed a non-binding resolution condemning the president of the United States for sending 20,000 more troops to Iraq.

I came back from Afghanistan in late October and likely face the possibility of being deployed to Iraq if I choose to re-enlist this summer.

But I can’t help wonder, like many other volunteers in the Armed Forces, where is the resolution for victory in Iraq and the war on terrorism? Why should we continue to re-enlist for the American people and this government when the majority of people constantly condemn our goals and ignore our accomplishments over there?

To trash-talk the president’s plan before it even begins is a total disservice to every single service member in Iraq. It is discouraging for me to know that Americans from sea to shining sea are advocating for our defeat in Iraq.

The American people need to take responsibility and consider the consequences of what may happen if we did pull out of Iraq. To support the troops also means that you support the war plan, and if you don’t, then why should this soldier put his life on the line any longer?

Mitchell Musack
Fond du Lac

(Emphasis is mine.)


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