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February 6, 2007


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I’m wrapping up do-dads, getting my hands all black from the newspaper print, wondering….WHERE THE HELL DID WE GET ALL THIS STUFF? I’ve almost got a car load to haul down to the new house. I haven’t even made a dent!

We have things we brought from Mr. Ol’ Broad’s mom’s house, we have things that belonged to my mom. We have things we picked up from other countries on our travels. We have things I have NO clue about from whence they came. We have gifts from our wedding that begs the question, “What were they thinking?” We have things I’ve picked up on my treks back and forth from Texas twice a year. “Hey, that’s cute! Must have!” NO matter that it serves no purpose, it must be added to the growing collection of THINGS!  Cats, elephants, moose, magnolias, Celtic Crosses…all that look nice, but collect something else….DUST!

Obviously, all this stuff can NOT make the move, but what do we leave behind? We can’t leave family stuff, because, well, it’s FAMILY. There are sentimental values at work here. Right now, I can see only ONE thing that hasn’t been packed that will NOT be going south, and that’s because…it’s broken.  sigh…

I wonder how much room the brat has for a few THINGS! 🙂


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