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February 9, 2007

The Govenator

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Latinos lob a few words at governor
Leaders label remarks on immigration, heard on tapes, as offensive.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s off-the-cuff comments in recently released audio recordings about illegal immigration and the unwillingness of Mexicans to assimilate into American society have drawn angry responses this week from Latino community and political leaders.

“I made an effort,” the Austrian-born Schwarzenegger told aides last April in conversations that touched on assimilation. “But the Mexicans don’t make that effort.”

Truth is offensive? Just when did that happen?

Many immigrants, from all over the world, come to this country and assimilate with no problem. Then, there are others who for some reason or another, think they have to turn this country into something completely different to suit themselves.

If Spanish-language newspapers and radio are any guide, others were angered as well. The headline on one La Opinion piece this week: “Governor attacks Mexicans.”

Unless he did a “Commando” or “Terminator” on them, I don’t think so!

“He was absolutely right,” Mehlman said. “People who broke the law got rewarded, and the American people got a bunch of broken promises.”

The amnesty in the 80’s was a ridiculous idea, that meant well, but had some serious unintended consequences. To do the same thing again would be disastrous!

At one point, to illustrate immigrants’ lack of assimilation, he described a shopping mall in Lynwood called Plaza Mexico.

“Literally I felt I was in Mexico City,” he said. “Everyone only spoke Spanish, every shop was in Spanish, every sign was in Spanish. They create a Mexico within California.”

This is a major problem in many parts of the country. In Southeast Houston, there are no billboards in English. I took my daughter to buy a mattress a few years ago before they moved to Dallas. We had to find a translator because the girl working in the store couldn’t speak English. If the mattress hadn’t been such a good deal, we would have walked out. This is the U.S. We speak English, not Spanish, learn it!

I love Mexico. It’s a great place to vacation. When we have gone down there, we both make the effort to communicate in Spanish. Naturally, we screw it up quite a bit, but we do make the effort! In Mexico, they speak Spanish, so we try to adapt. If we lived there, we would take classes to make sure we could speak the language. Is it too much to ask that LEGAL immigrants learn OUR language? I’m not even going to mention those who broke the law to get here.


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