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February 11, 2007

Cut Russ’ Funding?

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What a brilliant idea! 🙂

Feingold attacks Bush, not terrorists

During any of U.S. Sen. Russ Feingold’s tenure have we heard a single constructive suggestion of how America must defend itself against the global terrorist threat? No.

Have we heard Russ Feingold vote against anti-terrorist measures in the Senate? Yes.

Have we heard Russ Feingold vote against the Patriot Act to protect American citizens from terrorist activity in our borders? Yes.

Russ Feingold is now trying to cut off funding to help our military do their jobs to attack terrorists where they live, not where we live.

Russ Feingold continues his attacks on President Bush while still refusing to provide a single constructive suggestion to combat terrorism other than to run away from the fight for our very existence.

Yes, Iraq is under siege from external terrorist forces that hope to turn our victory into defeat and to return a free country to totalitarian Islamic slavery. And yes, terrorists are still plotting to attack our nation on our soil.

Our military stands between the terrorists and our homes. Not Russ Feingold.

Does Russ Feingold not think we were attacked on 9/11? Why is it that Russ Feingold takes the sides of the terrorists held in the prisons keeping them from again striking at our nation? Why does Russ Feingold attack President Bush and not the terrorists?

I would rather see my tax dollars go to our troops to help them destroy terrorists rather than to Russ Feingold to attack our efforts to keep us free.

Maybe we taxpayers should cut off Russ Feingold’s funding until he chooses to help protect our country and not weaken it.

Bill Guis
Fond du Lac

Personally, I’m fed up with the bash Bush bunch, with Feingold as their biggest basher! Just what has he done that’s POSITIVE? All I ever hear from him is how evil we are –  nothing constructive, nothing encouraging.

I’m of the mind that those in Washington, D.C. stopped representing the general population a long time ago.  Perhaps it really is time we CUT their funding.


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