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February 12, 2007


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Does U.S. law targeting illegal immigrants hurt citizens?

A total of 14,034 people, roughly half of them children, were denied or lost health insurance through state health programs last year because of a new federal law that requires proof of citizenship and identity.

When my grand-kids were born, my daughter had to fill out papers to get them social security numbers. All LEGAL babies seem to be issued those annoying numbers. What’s the problem?

Children, for instance, generally do not have photo identification. The state is putting in place a new procedure that will let parents sign an affidavit stating that their children are citizens.

And people aren’t going to lie, right?

“We are striving to insure all kids,” said Jon Peacock, research director of the Wisconsin Council on Children and Families. “But as we move forward, there are more barriers being created that are keeping kids out of these programs.”

I believe quite strongly in charity, just ask Mr. Ol’ Broad. The proof of that is the ridiculous number of “gimme money” mail I get on a daily basis, and the many that get sent back with my return address and a check. So, what I’m wondering is why the government feels it necessary to insure every child in the country with the public’s tax money.

The ideal proof of citizenship is a passport, certificate of naturalization or certificate of U.S. citizenship, all forms of citizenship with photo identification. But most people who qualify for state health programs don’t have passports. People born in the United States don’t have certificates of naturalization or citizenship.

Birth certificates and other records also are acceptable. The catch: People also must produce photo identification.

Both of my grand-kids have had photo I.D. for years! It’s not that hard to get one, and they aren’t that expensive. Provide a birth certificate, then provide a low cost I.D. I don’t understand why a little piece of plastic has to cost more than $5 anyway! (But then, what do I know!)

(Ooops!  This was suppose to be posted this morning and ended up in drafts. )


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