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February 13, 2007

Morning Odds and Ends

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Man accused of beating pregnant girlfriend

A 23-year-old Fond du Lac man is accused of beating his pregnant girlfriend during the weekend with a belt and a homemade metal chain, according to a Fond du Lac Police Department report.

Chemical castration! No pain killers!

Romney formally announces presidential bid

Mitt Romney officially entered the 2008 presidential race Tuesday, a former one-term Republican governor of Massachusetts suggesting that his record of leadership inside and outside government uniquely positions him to tackle the country’s challenges.

And this is suppose to be another “big” surprise”? I like Romney, and even the “Mormon thing” doesn’t bother me all that much. Think JFK! People are guided by their faith, but we still have a Constitution that must be followed, contrary to what the lefties have turned it into.

North Korea agrees to shut reactor

NORTH Korea has agreed to shut down key nuclear facilities as part of a preliminary disarmament agreement aimed at ending the regime’s controversial weapons program.

Shutting down reactors, and not having nukes to wipe out the west coast are NOT the same thing. Although, it might be a step in the right direction.

Apparent tornado rips though New Orleans area

A powerful storm and likely a tornado hit the New Orleans area early today, damaging dozens of homes and business, ripping the roof off a hotel, and injuring at least three people.

Was that Bush’s fault too? I honestly hope everyone will be ok.

One Year Later, Golden Mosque Is Still in Ruins

It has been a year since Sunni insurgents ripped a hole in the glorious dome here of one of Iraq’s most sacred Shiite shrines, shattering its 72,000 golden tiles and unleashing a tide of national sectarian bloodletting. Not a single brick of the mosque has been moved since.

If this is such an important place, why haven’t it’s members made the effort? Didn’t we sent a bunch of money over there to help rebuild? I’ll never understand the violence when it comes to the “religion of peace”.

Shop to lay down its arms

By 1978, Khoury’s gun repair and sales business had grown so much he’d amassed a crowd of devoted customers. He quit his job as a car salesman and established Tidewater Police & Sportsman Supplies. His business is now a firearms, equipment and gear distributor catering to private residents and law enforcement agencies across the nation.

And it’s for sale.

Wanna buy a gun store? It’s a nice area, although it’s grown too big for my tastes. Hmm…I know some Khoury’s, I wonder if they’re related.

Ban the ‘Frankenstein Veto’

If the state Senate fails to act in the next two weeks, Wisconsin families will face another budget in which Gov. Jim Doyle will be able to abuse his partial veto power to unilaterally increase state spending without the legislature or the taxpayers having any say in the matter.

Picking and choosing which words, or numbers, he likes, Doyle has made a mockery of the office.

Education panel: Teachers and principals should be judged by student scores

Student test scores should be used as a factor to determine if teachers and principals are doing their jobs effectively, a new report from a federal education commission recommends.

Golly gee, what a novel concept! Pfft! If car makers produced cars that didn’t run, do you think they’d stay in business? Of course not! So why shouldn’t teachers be required to do the job they were hired to do…..actually TEACH! If a student can’t read, then someone has failed, miserably.


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  1. I like Romney too, and I’m starting to think his Mormon faith might be an advantage in disguise: he’s a leading GOP presidential cadidate, and THIS is the best they can throw at him right now?

    Comment by Calvin — February 13, 2007 @ 3:50

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