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February 15, 2007

Taking Your Firstborn, PLUS Both Legs and One Arm

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Doyle’s proposed budget looks good to local government officials, so far

Oh, I just bet it does!

 Gov. Jim Doyle’s proposed budget could mean good news for local government but bad news for those who are ill, officials said.

And once people start paying those higher taxes, EVERYONE will be “ill”! Perhaps that’s Doyle’s intent? Raise taxes, make people ill from stress on how to pay those taxes, get more taxes from the “sick tax”.

Doyle proposed to set a new, looser cap on local property taxes that allows levies to go up by either 4 percent or the value of new construction. If approved, that action would result in a tax increase of around 2.7 percent for homeowners.

Is it really any surprise that Mr. Ol’ Broad and I are escaping “tax hell”? Luckily we can afford to, but there are many who are stuck. I thought the Democrats were concerned about the “working poor and middle class”? Guess not, cuz they sure do want to create a greater number.

“If that were raised to 4 percent, our taxpayers would see an accompanying increase of about 1 percent in county taxes,” said Dodge County Board Chairman Russell Kottke. “I would hope it wouldn’t come to that, but the thing that hurts the county budget the most is labor expenses.”

Oh paleeze! If they can raise it, they will! Didn’t Winston Churchill say something about it being impossible to tax a nation into prosperity? Same thing goes for states, counties and cities!

Herre found another highlight near the end of Doyle’s proposed budget. The governor wants to keep more children safe from sex offenders. He hopes to expand the Sand Ridge facility in Mauston to keep dangerous serial predators from harming Wisconsin’s youth. More criminal investigators will also help by going undercover and apprehending offenders.

Yet didn’t I hear something on the Early Spin about him wanting to remove the electronic monitors if an offender was no longer on parole? I didn’t catch the whole thing (thanks to the dial up), but I do know my jaw dropped. Oh yeah, it might violate the sick SOB’s civil rights….safety of kids be damned!

Perhaps Michael Savage is right when he says “liberalism is a mental disorder”, because I have no doubt that Governor Diamond Jim Dopey has LOST HIS MIND!



  1. I never liked Governor Doyle, but I was happy with his proposals for raising cigarette taxes and trying to make Wiscosin the healthiest state in the nation. But I was very disappointed with pretty much everything else. Including all the increases taxes (oops sorry, I meant fees … cause he said he wouldn’t raise taxes). And I was also disappointed with his recall on the GPS monitoring of sex offenders too. On a side note, I really enjoy listening to Savage. He’s by far the most interesting talk show host on radio.

    Comment by Justin Miller — February 15, 2007 @ 9:06

  2. I kind of doubt that a state known for it’s alcohol consumption could ever be known at the “healthiest state in the nation”. When he proposes a 1.00 tax on every drink served in a bar, 6.00 per six pack of beer, 1.00 per ounce in a liter of your favorite adult beverage at the liquor store, then, I might agree it’s a “fair” tax.

    This tax has nothing to do with health any more than the lawsuit against the tobacco industry did. How about the money from the lottery that was suppose to help fund public education? No, it has everything to do with folks like Doyle thinking they knew better what to do with YOUR money than you do, and you have no say in the matter.

    Actually, sometimes Savage scares the hell outta me. 🙂

    Comment by olbroad — February 16, 2007 @ 12:17

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