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February 17, 2007

Regulating Life

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Lawmakers tout bills in works

Tennessee lawmakers will face a flurry of bills dealing with issues including child predators, education, and sales taxes on cigarettes and food during this year’s 105th state General Assembly.

State lawmakers proposed more than 4,600 new laws by this week’s bill-filing deadline, according to the Associated Press.

FOUR THOUSAND SIX HUNDRED new laws? For what? Aren’t there enough laws on the books already? What more could they possibly come up with, how loud you can fart in the privacy of your own home? Try doing a little enforcement instead of killing more trees to provide countless reams of paper y’all use up to write your little invasive laws.

Here’s a novel concept: How about enforcing the laws that are already on the books, and stop with all the make busy work they create for themselves, just so they can feel important.

I have no idea what the majority of those “new laws” that are being proposed are, but it’s clear to me that gubmint has gone beyond the scope of their intended purpose.

We only need TEN, plus some traffic laws, to cover most of what comes our way.



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