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February 18, 2007

Morning Coffee

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Slave descendant proud to be part of plantation

Luvenia Butler doesn’t have photographs of her ancestors — among them cooks and masons — who lived as slaves at the Belle Meade Plantation some 150 years ago.

Now there’s a headline ya don’t see every day! Belle Meade is a beautiful place, and I’d highly recommend a visit. Lots of history, good and bad.

Nothing but lame excuses

The “Frankenstein” veto is named after Frankenstein because of the way the governor stitches together words and phrases from reams of text to create monstrous law never approved by lawmakers.

If the folks in Madison don’t “kill the monster” and soon, I fear that Doyle will destroy the state. He’s already got a good start.

Hot wedding date: 07/07/07

On the first Saturday in July, a month that’s never a top choice for Minnesota marriages, Fritz, co-owner of the Wedding Shoppe in St. Paul, will hit the jackpot: She has nearly 80 weddings — twice her normal number. “There’s a lot of excitement about it,” she said.

That’s because that Saturday is July 7. As in 07/07/07, what some might consider the luckiest date in the century.

One thing is for sure, the husband will have no excuse when he forgets their anniversary! 🙂

Governor’s health plan could put many in a bind

Under the governor’s plan, nearly 1 million middle-class people would be caught in a tough bind, those experts say: They earn too much to qualify for the insurance subsidies Schwarzenegger wants the state to provide but not enough to afford comprehensive coverage.

Gubmint should NOT be in the health care business. Every time they stick their noses in something, they screw it up!

Medicaid fraud backlog catches lawmakers’ eyes

Texas is doing more than most states in pursuing Medicaid fraud, said Patrick Burns, a spokesman for Taxpayers Against Fraud, a group that promotes whistle-blower lawsuits. State and federal Medicaid spending will reach $21 billion in Texas this fiscal year.

Can you imagine how much money, nationwide, could be saved if people took that pesky “Thou Shalt Not Steal” Commandment seriously?

A silenced life echoes
The state has spent more than $200,000 to educate a suspect to stand trial in a slaying that still reverberates in the lives of the victim’s friends.

Among many suspects, investigator Pat Murray said, was Oswaldo Martinez, a regular at the local YB’s Restaurant and Sports Grill. Martinez, a Salvadoran immigrant, was deaf and mute but made simple gestures to indicate what he wanted. He lived in a shed attached to his brother’s trailer in Windy Hill.

I’m real sorry this guy can’t hear or speak, but with all the DNA evidence, why is the state (taxpayers) paying for an education that costs more than most citizens would be able to receive? It’s enough for me to seriously question the sanity of the state.

Israel and US agree on boycott threat

America and Israel have agreed to shun a new Palestinian unity government unless it rejects violence, the Israeli Prime Minister has said.

I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you. And why is it only the U.S. and Israel? Why isn’t the entire world, the E.U. included, taking the same stand? Oh, stupid me…sorry, lost my head there for a second.

Screener standards may be upped

In a bid by the Bush administration to add a new layer of security to airports, thousands of airline employees could be replaced by federally trained officers.

Now, there’s a novel concept. Actually TRAIN a person to do a job they are being paid to do, security. Go figure!

8,900 dive into snow to set snow angel record

Among the thousands of people frantically flapping in the snow Saturday in an attempt to set the record for the most snow angels ever made were parents, children, even snowplow drivers.

Umm…why? Don’t they know it’s cold? Drinking hot chocolate and sitting by a fireplace makes a whole lot more sense to me. But then, I don’t think flapping around in the snow is such a great past time. 🙂


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