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February 18, 2007

Senator Cut n Run

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Feingold looks favorably on supporters of timed Iraq exit

Senate Democrat Russ Feingold sent a recent note of thanks to presidential hopeful Tom Vilsack for supporting Feingold’s bill to withdraw U.S. troops from Iraq after six months.

Feingold has not endorsed anyone in the Democratic race, but some contestants are closer than others to his views on Iraq (he wants to back up a deadline for withdrawal with a future cutoff of war funds).

I’m tellin’ ya! Ol’ Russ is looking for a VP slot!

“My goal here is to be supportive of those who adopt a strong stand about getting out of Iraq in a sensible way,” Feingold said in an interview. Feingold noted that among other candidates, U.S. Rep. Dennis Kucinich of Ohio has a withdrawal plan and Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois “came around after a while now and has managed to put in his proposal a specific time frame.”

Translation: “I will stand with the other chicken shits in Congress cuz I’m not really a ‘maverick’. I’m just a yellow bellied sap sucker like the rest of ’em!”

“On the one hand, if somebody says they’ve made a mistake, as Edwards has done, I think she realizes that doesn’t sound like the greatest qualification for being president,” said Feingold, referring to being “wrong” on such a major issue.

Perhaps she wasn’t wrong, given that she had the same intel as the President? Just a thought.  Why admit something if you don’t believe it?

Tell me again why this guy was re-elected?


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