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February 19, 2007

Morning Coffee 1/19/07

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Suspicious ads target state dog lovers

An apparent scam involving the sale of puppies has been popping up in newspaper classified ads throughout Wisconsin.

How do these low lifes come up with ideas like this? I guess I just don’t understand the criminal mind.

Social Security worker loses files

The confidential files of six Wisconsin residents who had sought Social Security disability benefits were lost for months, as were documents from seven other files, after a Social Security employee took them home to work on them.

Your tax dollars, hard at work! Socialist Security, doomed to failure.

Rescuers Battle Bad Weather to Reach Fallen Mount Hood Climbers

Three climbers who fell from a ledge on snowy Mount Hood got into their sleeping bags and huddled with a dog for warmth early Monday to await rescue as bad weather raged around them, officials said.

I hope they’ll be ok, but I have to ask: How oblivious do you have to be to go up on a mountain, in the winter? Especially considering recent events on that very same mountain.

Calderon to send troops to border states

Ratcheting up its fight against drug cartels, the Mexican government announced Sunday that it is deploying about 3,300 troops and police to two besieged states bordering Texas.

Isn’t that like sending the fox to guard the hen house?

Junior ROTC takes a hit in L.A.

FIRST SGT. OTTO HARRINGTON — tall, muscular, his head cleanshaven — has soldiered through battles in Bosnia, Kuwait and Somalia. He has patrolled Korea’s DMZ.

None of that prepared him, though, for the attacks he has faced as senior teacher in the Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps at Roosevelt High School in Boyle Heights, where students and teachers have launched a crusade against military recruiting and JROTC.

I sure hope those students and teachers are prepared to defend themselves if the need should arise! Naw, they’ll all sit around the campfire and sing Kumbaya. Morons!

Kerry’s input to be valued

On Sept. 11, the world was at our feet, understanding our anguish and offering a hand of friendship. Today, much of the world is after our throat, burning our flag, and using foreign trade and oil as weapons of economic destruction against us.

No, they were doing that long before 9/11. People sure do have short memories in this country.

Apology in hammer killings of women?

A man charged with the beating death of his wife and two female relatives allegedly videotaped himself on his cell phone after the attack, apologizing and saying he felt he had been disrespected, a law enforcement source said Sunday.

Disrespected? Obviously, with good reason. What a sick SOB!


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