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February 20, 2007

Don’t Tell WEAC About This!

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600% raise for LAUSD board?

Los Angeles school board members could earn more than $170,000 a year, a 600 percent hike that would put their salaries on a par with City Council members’ pay, under legislation introduced by a state assemblyman from Compton.

Unless those folks are working a minimum of 80 hours a week doing school board business, doncha think that’s a tad excessive?

The Los Angeles Unified School District’s part-time board members, who now make about $24,000 a year, would be the only ones in the state to benefit from Assembly Bill 68.

Don’t people who serve on school boards actually have a regular income? So, even though that 24K sounds a bit low for over seeing such a large number of kids, it’s not a full time job.

It comes at a time when Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is pushing to strip the school board of most of its authority and shift power to the superintendent and City Hall.

As much as I dislike government bureaucracy, I don’t think such power should be put in one person’s hands.  By the way, isn’t the L.A. mayor an advocate for Aztlan?


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