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February 20, 2007

Morning Coffee 2/20/07

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Wisconsin restaurant group supports total smoking ban

Recently, the Board of Directors of the Wisconsin Restaurant Association voted 36-1 to support a statewide workplace smoking ban.

I know a few restaurant owners who think a smoking ban is just exactly what it is….one more way for someone else to tell them how to run their OWN business. Where is it going to end? I want to thank that one person who stood up for personal freedom!

Primaries are today

The State Elections Board anticipates low turnout because of cold weather and lack of a high-profile election. A 10% turnout of the voting-age population would be about 425,000 people.

Sadly, I won’t be one of those 10%! I am ashamed I failed to vote before I left on my “adventures”. If I was there, I’d be sure to vote no matter how cold it is! Now, GO VOTE!

Anglicans tense but not split after talks

Anglican leaders wrapping up a tense meeting here Monday called on the U.S. Episcopal Church to state unequivocally that it will bar the blessing of same-sex unions and stop consecrating gay bishops in order to heal a rift that threatens to split the worldwide Anglican Communion.

I’m starting to wonder if a lot of churches in the U.S. don’t even bother reading the Bible, much less teach from the Book.

Smoking ban not big in race

Even as numerous state and municipal governments institute sweeping public smoking bans, most Dallas mayoral candidates say City Hall here has already gone far enough – perhaps too far – in telling people where they may or may not light up.

I don’t suppose any of the candidates would consider backing off on those restrictions some? I rarely go to any restaurants within the city limits of Dallas BECAUSE of the bans, unless they have an outside “smoking” area. (Hey, it’s Dallas – right now it’s 60 degrees!)

Taxi driver had earlier Metro traffic charges

Ibrahim Ahmed, 37, is charged with attempted criminal homicide after police said he hit Ohio student Jeremie Invus with his United Cab Co. van about 2:45 a.m. Sunday. Another student, Andrew Nelson of Dayton, Ohio, dodged the van as it sped toward them.

The “Religion of Peace” at work in the U.S.

North Africa Feared as Staging Ground for Terror

But the most disturbing aspect of the violence in this normally placid, tourist-friendly nation is that it came from across the border in Algeria, where an Islamic terrorist organization has vowed to unite radical Islamic groups across North Africa.

It’s called a world wide war on terror for a reason. “Religion of Peace”. The extremists have hijacked it, the so called moderates do nothing.

3,000-Year-Old Tombs Are Found in Egypt

Archeologists unveiled Tuesday the tombs of a Pharaonic butler and scribe that had been buried in the sand for more than 3,000 years.



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