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February 21, 2007

Cool Kitty

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Extra-special cat has 26 toes


Extra the kitten has been aptly named by her owners – she has 26 toes that give her a distinct advantage over her naturally climbing moggie mates.

Her human family noticed there was something different with the three-month-old kitten when she started scratching more than other cats.

I’m surprised she didn’t scratch her ears off.

“You would sort of want to wear boxing gloves when you play with her,” says Kaelene Gerrard, who lives with her partner Eli Eliu and daughters Mercy, six, and 12-year-old Shardae.

That’s some serious paw action!

SPCA education officer Shelley Ryan says polydactyl cats come through “from time to time” and most appear to have no setbacks from their condition.

I want one! (If ya hadn’t noticed, I’m a cat person. 🙂 )

Some cat owners say the innermost extra toes on the front paws are often opposable and some use them with quite startling proficiency to manipulate small objects with almost human dexterity.

Others joke that because of that condition their animals are more intelligent, while others feel their pets represent the next stage in feline evolution – the ability to open cartons and cans unaided.

That’s it! Hootie and Tazz need to get their own breakfast in the morning! No more poking in the eye or licking of the ears to wake us up.


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