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February 23, 2007


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The New GOP Attack Machine

The put-downs – some clever, some blunt — are part of an attack-o-matic that the Republican National Committee is encouraging its supporters to use in preparing for their appearances on cable television and talk radio. The 69-page playbook, posted on the national party’s Web site ( on Wednesday as “Meet the Real Dem Candidates,” devotes 10 pages each to Clinton, Edwards and Obama; nine each to Sen. Joseph R. Biden Jr. of Delaware and Sen. Chris Dodd of Connecticut; and seven each to New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson and former Iowa governor Tom Vilsack.

I understand the need to have facts at hand. The Dems have been digging up every little thing for quite a while now. However, that being said, I still find it disturbing.

Critics will call it pre-fab mudslinging, but the documents are laid out in a just-the-facts fashion, with each charge linked to a citation for a news story. Such “talking points” used to be closely held, but Republicans are going public with them in an effort to standardize the message they propagate through the new media culture.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the nominee from either party could actually run for office on their OWN merits, instead of working so hard to destroy the other guy? I want to know what YOU can/will do, not what the other person can’t do. Give me positive reasons to vote for you, not negative reasons not to vote for the other guy.


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