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February 23, 2007

One Less “Ban”, For Now

Lawmaker drops effort to ban spanking

A Democratic lawmaker has abandoned her heavily ridiculed campaign to make spanking a crime, acknowledging that the idea would get whacked even in California’s sometimes whimsical Legislature.

Whimsical? I’d say some of the nonsense the left coasters come up with is down right embarrassing to all thinking people.

Instead, San Francisco Bay area Assemblywoman Sally Lieber introduced a more narrow bill on Thursday she said would help district attorneys more easily prosecute parents who cross the line from punishment into physical abuse.

Now, I’m not one of those who believes in beating children, you shouldn’t have to. But I do NOT believe that more legislation is necessary. Is this make busy work for this woman?

Lieber is seeking to classify a laundry list of physical acts against young children, including hitting with a belt, switch or stick, as unjustifiable and grounds for prosecution, probation or a parental time-out — a class on nonviolent parenting.

“Spare the rod, spoil the child” sound familiar? Perhaps if the gubmint hadn’t started invading our homes, I doubt we would be having the serious problems on our streets now. Having to go out and cut your own switch off a tree is one of those “staples” of raising kids. The switch might never get used, but the psychological impact was enormous.

Spanking a child on the buttocks — even to the point of injury — will remain legal in California, Lieber said.

Does a little bruising come under the “point of injury”? Because if that’s all they are talking about, big deal! Kids get more bruises, cuts and scrapes out playing than the majority ever get from a good wallop on the behind.  I forgot, kids aren’t allowed to play any more, thanks to government invasion.

Lieber, who has no children, attracted nationwide attention after she pledged to introduce an anti-spanking bill to protect children from violence. Her idea was even the subject of a “Saturday Night Live” parody.

No kids? Then she needs to sit down, and shut up! Having never had to deal with the whining, screaming, bad attitude, brats, then she has NO clue what it’s like to be a parent.

Very few parents actually abuse their kids. Yes, there are some who are clueless on how to discipline a child. However, giving a kid a much deserved spanking, whether with a hand, which is quite painful for the one giving, or some reasonable implement, does NOT mean you are abusing the child.


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