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February 24, 2007

Morning Coffee 2/24/07

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I’m glad I’m here, instead of there!

Lights, camera, Sosa!

From the moment they signed him, the Rangers insisted Sammy Sosa would be just another guy on another minor league contract trying to make a team. He’d be right there with the Matt Katas, Ramon Vasquezes and Jamey Wrights of the world.

Saw him on the news last night. Dang, that guy looks OLD!

Arkansas’ historic school case ends

A judge in one of the nation’s longest-running school desegregation cases released the Little Rock district from federal supervision yesterday, nearly 50 years after President Dwight D. Eisenhower sent in troops to escort nine black students into all-white Central High.

50 years? That’s a bit ridiculous. I would have thought we were beyond the need for any school district having to be supervised a long time ago.

Sky-high cost of our flying cops

THEY’VE cost the taxpayer $106 million so far, they travel in business class, and over the past four years Australia’s armed air marshals have had to act only once — subduing a 68-year-old man who produced a small knife on a flight from Sydney to Cairns in 2003.

Terrorists are a patient bunch. They’ll wait till we let our guard down, then, will strike. Although, I’m a bit curious how much “subduing” had to be done with a 68 year old guy.

Lawyer: Unethical to quit suit

It would be unethical for Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen’s office to withdraw from a lawsuit accusing a Sawyer County cranberry grower of excessively polluting public waters, the lawyer for the private landowners involved in the suit said Friday.

I’m no legal scholar, but is it really the business of the state to get involved in a private law suit?

Budapest’s Drive to Junk Soviet Memorial Risks Offending Russia

If some Hungarians get their way, the last Soviet statue in Budapest will be carted off to join busts of Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin and other communists in a monument graveyard on the edge of town.

Their campaign is angering Russia. Relations between the two countries, already chilly after Russia twice interrupted gas and oil supplies to its former satellite states, may cool further if the drive to tear down the memorial succeeds.

Wait a minute. Didn’t some one tell us that Russia was now a democracy? Hmmm.. you’d think they’d be happy to get rid of the reminders of their past. Guess someone was wrong.

Office chair set on fire – news that made the world sit up . . .

“An office chair was destroyed after it was set on fire on the grassy area off Maude Street, Kendal, this afternoon. Fire crews from Kendal attended along with police. A spokesman for the fire and rescue service said: ‘A delinquent set fire to an office chair in the middle of a grassy area and it was extinguished using one hose jet’.”
Disdain was rife. “I think it’s high time the Westmorland Gazette had something newsworthy to print: perhaps a drowned shopping trolley, or a discarded mint cake,” wrote another.


Same-sex teaching upheld
Lexington parents say they’ll appeal

A federal judge yesterday dismissed a suit by two couples who contended that the Lexington public school system violated their constitutional rights by teaching their young children about same-sex couples, but the ruling is unlikely to end a controversy that has roiled the district for nearly two years.

The judge was wrong! The suit should not have been dropped. Parents are having their rights stripped by the courts, and that is just flat out wrong!

GM to sell 500 acres of Spring Hill land

General Motors wants to sell about 500 acres of its Spring Hill manufacturing plant property near historic Rippavilla Plantation to developers, according to city officials.

Hey, Huck! Here’s your chance! I’m sure they’d be happy to sell to ya! It’s not Spring City, but ya can’t have everything ya know. 🙂


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  1. Would that I could. I’d much rather be facing 54 and T-storms than our 10″ of snow and 30 mph winds.

    Comment by Huckleberry Dumbell, Ace Reporter — February 24, 2007 @ 8:50

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