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February 25, 2007

Benevolent Moonbats (snicker)

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I guess I missed this letter to the editor this morning.  Sometimes, I wonder just what planet people are on, and this guy is a perfect example.

‘People were made to breathe clean air’

Throughout history a human tendency in the course of nature, change has been to “take the message and abuse the messenger.”

A contemporary example of this is what happened to Nelson Mandela who spent 28 years in prison for protesting against segregation in South Africa. Mandela later became president of that country.

Can someone tell me just what Nelson Mandela has to do with “clean air”?

Smokers abuse themselves and non-smokers alike. It is that simple. There is no rhetoric or delusional thinking that will defend this neurotic and selfish drug habit. People were made to breathe clean air.

The only people who are delusional and neurotic are the anti smoking nazis. Smokers know the consequences. Most of us will respect those around us who do not smoke.

But this is the part that really got my attention:

Gov. Jim Doyle is a mature visionary who wants to ban smoking in public places and raise the cigarette tax to help cover health-care costs. We all will feel these positive effects. Mature leaders have the ability to look ahead and sense what is best for the survival of their people.

Say WHAT? A “mature visionary”? ROFLMAO Gov. Diamond Jim Dopey has yet to figure out simple economics. When everyone is forced to quit buying cigarettes, there will be no money to cover said “health-care costs”.

Thousands of people die every year from the grave effects of tobacco. Many have drawn-out, excruciatingly painful and unnatural deaths that their loved ones have to endure along with them. A smoking ban is part of a visible solution.

People die every year from all kinds of things. It’s a fact! People die! People who have never smoked, have never been around smokers, die of lung cancer. Here’s a question: What if we didn’t try to live forever? We can’t ya know, so why do we keep trying? Medical advances are all well and good, but if a person is suppose to die at 80, why do we try so hard to keep them alive till they are 95, and have no quality of life?

In an age when terrorist attacks could happen at any moment, we need not only appear, we need to be and remain the strongest nation on the planet.

Oh, fer petes sake! Perhaps if the loony left stopped trying to destroy us from within, no one would even consider attacking us. And what’s that got to do with Dopey’s tax and ban plan?

Wisconsin’s healthy influence will dominate through the rest of the states and the American people will be stronger.

Wisconsin’s moonbats want to take over the country?

If people would spend more time alone with themselves, without distractions, it is likely that their minds and hearts would integrate and they will sense what Gov. Doyle is benevolently trying to get them to grasp.



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  1. Here’s my old comment on this issue –
    if we all live to be 150, do we whave to work till we’re 120 to get SS benifits

    Comment by MR Ol Broad — February 26, 2007 @ 12:33

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