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February 25, 2007


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Ark. may put drunk drivers in the pink

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — It’d be easy to spot those convicted of drunken-driven offenses under a measure proposed by one Arkansas lawmaker: Hot pink license plates, starting with the letters DWI, would be issued to repeat offenders.

The proposal, by state Rep. Pam Adcock, would require anyone convicted three or more times of driving while intoxicated to display the pink DWI license plates on his or her car.

Why not “tag ’em” after just ONE conviction?

 ”The DWI license plate shall be a bright pink color that is easily distinguishable from other license plates issued in the state,” the bill says.

The proposal would affect drivers who are required to have ignition interlock devices installed in their vehicles.

Such devices test for alcohol on a driver’s breath before the vehicle can be started.

Goes with ignition lock
The hot pink license plates would be required as long as the ignition interlock device is required, according to the measure.

The House Transportation Committee was scheduled to consider the bill this week.

I think this is an absolutely brilliant idea. I think Kathy might even find it doable. We’ve got to find some way to keep repeat offender off the streets. If having a badge of shame showing to every one on the back of their car, then maybe the drunk would think twice about getting behind the wheel, possibly killing a family of four, or 3. A young mother with a small child in the back street won’t eve make it home to bake the cookies they were planning to bake together.

Something MUST be done! And I don’t mean the slap on the hand so many are getting!

H/T: Nobody’s Business


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