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February 27, 2007

Crazy Cabbie

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Riders testify against cabbie

A Nashville cab driver accused of running over a passenger told police that he was afraid of the two men riding in his taxi after a heated discussion about religion, an officer testified Monday.

But Metro Officer John Pepper told the court he was skeptical of the claim by Ibrahim Ahmed because the United Cab Co. driver did not report the incident to police.

I suppose it’s possible that a person could be afraid to tell the truth, but….let’s face it, this guy isn’t what you’d call an “upstanding citizen”. (see here and here)

Imbus, who said he had about 12 drinks from about 5 p.m. until 2:30 a.m., told the court that the drive seemed uneventful until the taxi driver began talking about Adolf Hitler.

The driver told the pair that Hitler was a “good person because he was trying to cleanse the world of the (Jews),” Imbus said.

“I just remember … (being) … I guess the word is ‘shocked,’ ” Imbus said.

Yeah, I guess the guys were a little, shall we say…plastered, but I’d be shocked too, drunk or sober.

“I just said if you’re going to live in a country like ours, you’re going to have to tolerate other people’s beliefs,” Nelson said of his response.

He was outside the vehicle and just paid the driver when he noticed things getting heated between Ahmed and his friend, who was kicking the back of the driver’s seat, Nelson said.

So he grabbed his friend out of the cab, and both men took off running.

Nelson said he heard the taxi accelerate and watched his friend being hit.

The crime scene was marked by acceleration marks, not skid marks, Pepper said.

Granted, the kid shouldn’t have been kicking the seat, but is that any excuse to try to kill him? I don’t think so.


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