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February 27, 2007

Morning Coffee 2/27/07

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Texas talks tough on illegal immigrants

The Lone Star State has long welcomed Latino immigrants, no matter how they got across the state’s 1,200-mile border with Mexico.

Back when California voted to cut public services to illegal immigrants, then-Texas Gov. George W. Bush was preaching that immigrants were equal players in the state’s economy.

But the atmosphere has changed markedly in Texas, home to about 10% of the nation’s illegal immigrants.

It’s about bloomin’ time! However, it’s kind of like the barn door and horse scenario. Now, if they’ll enforce the laws already in existence, things might improve a bit.

Cheney OK after Afghan Blast; 23 killed

A suicide bomber attacked the entrance to the main U.S. military base in Afghanistan on Tuesday during a visit by Vice President Dick Cheney, killing up to 23 people and wounding 20. Cheney was unhurt in the attack, which was claimed by the Taliban and was the closest that militants have come to a top U.S. official visiting Afghanistan. At least one U.S. soldier, an American contractor and a South Korean solder were among the dead, NATO said.

The “religion of peace” rears it’s ugly head. Again. I’m glad he’s ok. I like Cheney!  My prayers are with the families of those who were not so lucky.

Study: College students more narcissistic

Today’s college students are more narcissistic and self-centered than their predecessors, according to a comprehensive new study by five psychologists who worry that the trend could be harmful to personal relationships and American society.

Does this comes as a surprise to anyone? How much did they pay for that study? I could have told them this for half the price.

Mom Pleads Guilty to Coaching Kids to Fake Retardation

A Vancouver woman admitted Monday that she coached her two children — beginning when they were 4 and 8 years old — to fake retardation so she could collect Social Security benefits on their behalf.

Nominee for “mother of the year”.

Synagogues now terror firing zone

The ruins of two large synagogues in Gush Katif, the evacuated Jewish communities of the Gaza Strip, have been transformed into a military base used by Palestinian groups to fire rockets at Israeli cities and train for attacks against the Jewish state, according to a senior terror leader in Gaza.

Such respect for other religions. Using synagogues as a base for terrorist actions, and there are people who believe the Israelis are at fault. Sad.

Adoption could earn lesbian lover a fortune

The family of the man who built IBM into an international computer empire is being torn apart after his daughter’s estranged lesbian lover claimed a share in their fortune — because she had been legally adopted by her partner.

The battle over how to divide the multimillion-dollar trust fund set up by Thomas J. Watson Jr has been triggered by an extraordinary legal question now before an American courtroom: is his daughter’s former lover also his grandchild in the eyes of the law?

Legally adopt your lover. Hmm…there’s an odd one. But, if she’s legally her lover’s kid (?), I would say, yeah, she’s entitled, in a weird round about way. Glad I’m not in that courtroom.

Farrakhan ‘reading list’ includes anti-Israel books, ADL says

“Farrakhan may have held his anti-Semitic views in check while on the dais, but if this is what he wants people to read, then the leopard hasn’t changed his spots,” said Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director.

The man is a barking moonbat, and it has nothing to do with his distorted view of his religion. No one should be surprised by anything he says, or does.

Demand for English Lessons Outstrips Supply

Two weeks after she moved here from her native Brazil, Maria de Oliveira signed up for free English classes at a squat storefront in this working-class suburb, figuring that with an associate’s degree and three years as an administrative assistant, she could find a good job in America so long as she spoke the language.

I’m sure there are many people in this country who would be happy to volunteer a few hours a week to help LEGAL immigrants to learn the language. How about churches getting involved? Those “faith based” initiatives should be for something other than the down trodden. If you don’t learn the language of the land, you tend to end up as one of those down trodden.  Shoot, I’d be happy to give a couple of hours a week to help!  Sadly, even though I took four years of Spanish in school, not having to use it, I’ve pretty much lost the whole shebang.



  1. Great round-up – those are all good stories.

    I wonder what democrat leaked that Chaney was going to be there.

    Comment by beth — February 27, 2007 @ 10:14

  2. Hmmm…that’s a REAL good question Beth. If it was suppose to be secret, how did they know?

    Comment by olbroad — February 27, 2007 @ 10:49

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