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February 28, 2007

Alcohol Dispute

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Muslim cabbies tell airport they won’t bend in alcohol dispute

For Abdi Mohamed, it’s not a question of whether he’ll carry passengers with alcohol in his cab. The question is whether he’ll get punished for refusing to do so.

“I am Muslim. I’m not going to carry alcohol,” Mohamed, a driver for Bloomington Cab, told a Metropolitan Airports Commission panel that gathered public opinion Tuesday regarding proposed penalties for cabbies who refuse service to passengers carrying alcohol.

Isn’t it amazing that before local and national gubmints starting caving into the …. “special interests”, this was not even an issue?

According to airport officials, about 80 percent of their cabdrivers are Somali, who are commonly Muslim. Islam religious law strictly forbids the carrying of alcohol.

Perhaps they should find a different way to earn a living? This is the U.S. We have a Constitution that prohibits discriminating on the basis of religion. What would a Catholic priest do if carrying a bottle of wine blessed by the Pope is refused service by a Muslim cabdriver? Not saying it’s happened, or would, but “what if”?

Much of the hearing was dedicated to concerns over whether Muslim cabbies would also refuse service to blind passengers with trained guide dogs, because of Muslim prohibitions against interacting with dogs.

Several blind people voiced their concerns, but cabbies at the hearing said such worries aren’t warranted. Refusing service to blind passengers is against federal law.

“I am a Muslim and I have taken many guide dogs,” Abdi Mohamed said.

But the cabbies and their supporters left no doubt that they aren’t flexible on the alcohol issue.

No doubt about it. These folks are in the wrong business. Perhaps they should return to their own countries if they want to follow Islamic law?

Hassan Mohamud, a Muslim imam and adjunct law professor at William Mitchell College of Law, said the Muslim cab drivers are only trying to support their families, both here and in their strife-torn home country, and are being placed in an impossible situation.

They are placing everyone else in “an impossible situation”.

“This is a religious freedom issue, and it will not end here,” Abdi said. “It will go to the courts, even the Supreme Court. The drivers will not relinquish their rights to be protected under American law.”

My religion says I can carry, and even consume, alcohol, in moderation. You are infringing on MY rights.



  1. You have a right to your religious beliefs in this country. You do not have a right to a certain profession. If your profession conflicts with your religious beliefs, you need to find another job, not force the job to change to your beliefs. People buy alcohol. You don’t want to be around it, don’t drive a cab. Personally, I would rather transport the guy bringing the bottle of rum back from the Caribbean than some adulterer on his way to meet his honey.

    Comment by rosettaresearch — February 28, 2007 @ 10:25

  2. Well put! Besides, it’s not like people are going to be drinking it around them. What would they do if the guy had already consumed his haul. He’s still carrying it, right? Do they want to refuse service to him too?

    I think the ruckus is more to disrupt our way of life than religious convictions. As far as I am concerned, they can go home. period!

    Comment by olbroad — February 28, 2007 @ 11:24

  3. Muslims say it is against their religion to not only consume intoxicants, but even to drive someone who has consumed them or has them in their possession. But, this is a different interpretation than is in the Quran. The Quran’s greatest admonition is that one cannot pray if intoxicated. Thus, understandably, for a group that prays 5 times a day, it would be hard to fit in drink if they were an observant Muslim. The Hadith which are the reported actions and words of Mohammed, contain more stricter admonitions against “intoxicants” especially those made from certain plants. A simple admonition from their Allah not to consume intoxicants and be of clear mind when praying has evolved into a “sin” to consume. There is also an admonition against not assisting in the sin because you become guilty of that sin. This is where these Muslims are getting their “It’s against my religion” stance. Unfortunately, these particular Muslims have taken it to the extreme.

    There are many Fatwas from Imams concerning this issue. It is not okay to serve or sell alcohol. It is not okay to rent your property to someone who is going to use it to serve or sell alcohol or commit any sin for that matter. But, it is okay to work in a business that sells alcohol as long as that isn’t the business’s major income. For example, it is okay for a stock person, or a cashier to work in a Superstore that sells alcohol. It is even okay for them to handle it. So, I’m not exactly seeing the difference here. If a stock person or cashier can handle it, then why can’t a Muslim taxi cab driver, drive someone who has alcohol in their luggage or bag? These Muslims seem to be concentrating on alcohol, but they are missing the whole “intoxicant” picture. All intoxicants are a sin, unless they are being used as medicine. So what’s next? Are they going to ask every passenger if they are carrying illegal drugs? What about those legal intoxicants their passengers are using illegally, IE without a prescription? How about medical marijuana patients?

    Comment by JihadSpinAdmin — March 8, 2007 @ 4:53

  4. Then they’ve distorted what is actually in their teachings? Big surprise….not.

    Comment by olbroad — March 8, 2007 @ 5:55

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