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March 1, 2007

Morning Coffee 3/1/07

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AT&T challenges cable TV, satellite
Internet-based U-verse won’t pay communities franchise fees

AT&T is launching its Internet-based television service to compete with cable and satellite offerings in the five-county metropolitan Milwaukee area, and it is choosing not to pay municipalities for franchising rights or giving them any oversight, as cable companies do.

When they start testing this is Podunk, Tennessee, y’all let me know. I’d switch in a heartbeat! πŸ™‚

Area man accused of beating driver following crash

A 34-year-old Brandon man is accused of rear-ending a car while drunk and then beating up the man driving the car he struck, according to court documents.

They have AA for people with drinking problems. They have anger management for those who “me” oriented they can’t control their anger at others. Do they have a 12 step program for morons?

California Bill Would Give Newborns $500 Savings Accounts

Every child born in California would get a $500 savings account to start building a nest egg for college or down payment for a home, under a bipartisan bill introduced Wednesday in the state Senate.

The proposal would cost taxpayers about $285 million a year.

It’s official! California has lost it’s collective mind!

Severe weather expected for West Tennessee area

The National Weather Service has placed Jackson and all of West Tennessee under a tornado watch until 6 p.m.

I wonder where West TN starts? Jackson is west of me, but it sure is dark out there. Did you know that rain can turn on motion lights?

Hospital Officials Knew of Neglect

Top officials at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, including the Army’s surgeon general, have heard complaints about outpatient neglect from family members, veterans groups and members of Congress for more than three years.

This SERIOUSLY pisses me off! Our military deserves the best care available, inpatient or outpatient!

Hunger strike Eta prisoner released from hospital custody

An Eta prisoner on hunger-strike for 114 days has been released from a hospital in Madrid and taken to a clinic in the Basque region, in what marks the first step to allowing him to serve the rest of his sentence at home under police supervision.

That’s a long time to be on a hunger strike, I question the release of a murderer, no matter what he’s decided to do to himself while in prison.

Yearly fee puts doctor at patient’s disposal

Patients pay an annual fee, or retainer. In return, they receive same-day appointments, no waiting, examinations that last at least 30 minutes, home visits, a comprehensive annual physical, 24-hour access to their physician via cell phone and other perks.
Annual fees are $2,000 for people over 25, $3,600 for couples, and $200 for members’ children under age 25. Office visits are $20, and insurance is not accepted.

Hey….MR. OL’ BROAD! πŸ™‚ Since my insurance doesn’t pay for much of anything as is, this might not be such a bad idea. I am getting old and decrepit, ya know. πŸ™‚

Ahmadinejad: U.S., Israel Cause Problems

Iran’s president blamed the United States and Israel for the world’s problems Thursday in a lecture to Sudanese officials and intellectuals during his visit to Sudan.

Funny, I don’t remember either country threatening to completely destroy another country. Neither country starves their citizens or executes them for the purpose of control. Hmmm…


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  1. I don’t know if a 12 step program would work for morons. Perhaps only 5 steps?

    I agree with the medical thing. Try to find a doctor who would try it, or an HMO or clinic situation who would support the concept. Frogs should have wings. Then they could fly.

    Comment by MR Ol Broad — March 1, 2007 @ 5:07

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