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March 3, 2007

Evening Snack

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Fares To USA May Plummet

A price war that could drive down the cost of transatlantic flights may be about to break out following a deal between the US and EU.

All well and good for the EU, but do we get the good deals too? 🙂 I’m not so sure that’s such a great idea. Aren’t the international airports already too crowded? Not to even mention the security nightmares.

Walter Reed Care Spawns Probes, Political Attacks

Deficiencies in outpatient care for wounded soldiers at Walter Reed Army Medical Center have cost two top officials their jobs, spawned an array of investigations and given Democrats new ammunition to attack the Bush administration.

I still find it utterly amazing that no one noticed the problems, or bothered to report them, repeatedly if necessary. Wouldn’t it be nice if every single doctor in this country would volunteer do a year or two rotation in Walter Reed? No charge!

Straw poll leaves Gilmore out in the cold

The poll, whose respondents skewed heavily to college students, is hardly a reliable predictor of a nominating contest that is still a year away. And Gilmore was quick to dismiss the poll even before the results were announced, saying he had not tried to win the contest as others do by bussing in large numbers of supporters.

I don’t know, a lot of straw polls have been a pretty good indicator of how things were moving on occasion. This was a CONSERVATIVE event after all. (I really wish I had been able to attend. 😦 )

Recalling Civil Rights, Democrats Seek Black Votes

Black voters are a crucial component of the Democratic electorate. In 2004, despite intensive efforts by President Bush to break the Democratic dominance, Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts won about 89 percent of the black vote.

Isn’t it a shame that so many black voters haven’t been informed that it was the Democrats who filibustered the Civil Rights Act?

Fondy wins first boys hockey state title

The Fond du Lac boys hockey team won its first WIAA state championship on Saturday, beating Superior, 3-1, in the title game at Alliant Energy Center in Madison.

Cool! What’s WIAA?

Duncan decides to support Romney
Blackburn also backing ex-Mass. governor as GOP presidential choice

Can a Mormon from Massachusetts carry Tennessee and become the next U.S. president?

Two of Tennessee’s U.S. House members, John J. Duncan Jr. and Marsha Blackburn, hope so. They are backing him as the best pick among the known Republican candidates.

Isn’t it a little early to throw support to one candidate or another, if you are an elected official? I find this a little disturbing.

City shoots for the moon in claim

“We looked at everything,” Nagin said one day after his office joined would-be plaintiffs across south Louisiana in alerting the Army Corps of Engineers of the intention to sue the federal agency. “We looked at all of our FEMA-assessed damages, we looked at lost revenues. We looked at everything and just kind of piled it on. We got some advice from some attorneys to be aggressive with the number, and we’ll see what happens.”

Oh, he’s piling it on, alright! And just who does that incompetent think is going to pay for all that BS he’s piled on?


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