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March 3, 2007


Feingold responds to local writer

Our country needs a new national security strategy that starts with redeploying from Iraq so we can focus on the global threats to our national security that have only grown while this administration has been bogged down in Iraq. That is why Congress should use its power of the purse to force the president to safely redeploy our troops from Iraq.

I guess our troops could battle terrorists much better from say, Minot, North Dakota. Yeah, I know, he’s talking about Okinawa or some other place as far away from the actual heavy terrorist activity. Redeploy = CUT ~N~ RUN!

We need to finish the job in Afghanistan and address threats to our security in Somalia and other weak or failed states that we have neglected for too long. I am working to strengthen our military and reconstruction efforts in Afghanistan to defeat a resurgent Taliban — the same movement that harbored and supported the terrorist elements that attacked our country on 9/11.

That’s true, we do need to finish the job in Afghanistan, and perhaps address security threats in Somalia. However, we also neglected Iraq too long, and many Iraqis died because we did not finish the job from the Gulf War I. Should we do the same thing again, and abandon those who are trying to establish a democracy in their land? Tell ya what Senator, you invite Muqtada al-Sadr, Mamoud Ahmabooboo and Hassan Nasrallah over to your place for tea and baklava. Let us know how it goes.

I want Congress to use its constitutional power to end U.S. involvement in this disastrous war in Iraq, so that we can fight al Qaeda and its allies more aggressively and effectively.

Like it or not, al Qaeda is IN Iraq. Translation = cut off money for our troops in Iraq, trying to keep your happy ass safe, so many more of them will die, put the blame on the president, and ride off into the sunset on your golden space ship.

U.S. senator

Tell me again why this guy was re-elected when Tim Michels would have stood up for our troops?



  1. for the same reason that Gov. Green is watching our backs….

    …Because the RNC is too damn weak to allow it’s base to choose it’s own candidates. So they force decent conservatives like Walker and Darrow out of the race and leave Michels and Green, unknown wishy washy nobodies from zero population counties, as sub-par innefective candidates that couldn’t win a race to save their lives.

    Comment by David — March 3, 2007 @ 3:18

  2. Bythe way your site template sucks. On several browsers I am loding right hand side content behind your banner ads.

    Comment by David — March 3, 2007 @ 3:19

  3. make that “losing”

    Comment by David — March 3, 2007 @ 3:19

  4. Hey, I didn’t create the template! LOL I’m not sure why that happens occasionally. At least to a couple of others. I don’t have that problem, so I can’t figure out exactly what it’s doing. :/

    Comment by olbroad — March 3, 2007 @ 3:22

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