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March 7, 2007

Evening Snack

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Sex offender fired from TYC job

A registered sex offender working as a guard at a juvenile justice center in Coke County was fired Wednesday – the first termination as part of the state’s investigation into sexual-abuse allegations in Texas’ youth prison system, state officials said.

What moron hired this guy? There should be several firings.

GOP pushes for probe of governor’s Ameriquest call

The Massachusetts Republican Party today formally called for an ethics investigation into Gov. Deval Patrick’s intervention in a financial deal involving Ameriquest, intensifying pressure on the governor as he urged his supporters to stick with him.

I’ve been surprised Mitt’s remplacement hasn’t been more in the national news. He seems to have a few serious ethical problems.

Nowak loses her job as astronaut

Astronaut Lisa Nowak’s 10-year career with NASA came to an abrupt end today when she became the first astronaut ever removed by the space agency.

Yeah yeah, the whacky woman lost her job. Is anyone surprised? Does anyone care?

Olympic committee demands guarantee

The United States Olympic Committee demanded today that Mayor Daley “put some skin in the game” — in the form of a government guarantee that a temporary Olympic stadium can be built for $366 million — to secure Chicago’s bid for the 2016 Summer Olympic Games.

Why do they make it sound like a payoff of some sort?

Minneapolis Vets Home faces fines

The state Department of Health will fine the Minneapolis Veterans Home $1,850 a day until it corrects six different operating problems identified by state inspectors.

Any organization dealing with our veterans should go above and beyond in their service. My question, wouldn’t that $1,850 be better spent to resolve what the problems are, rather than charging the taxpayers a fine?


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