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March 7, 2007

It’s a Child, Not a Paycheck

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Boston woman sues for child-rearing costs after failed abortion

A Boston woman who gave birth after a failed abortion has filed a lawsuit against two doctors and Planned Parenthood seeking the costs of raising her child.

If this woman really didn’t want to keep the baby, I’ve no doubt there is a couple somewhere in this country who would have been happy to take on the responsibility.

The state’s high court ruled in 1990 that parents can sue physicians for child-rearing expenses, but limited those claims to cases in which children require extraordinary expenses because of medical problems, medical malpractice lawyer Andrew C. Meyer Jr. said.

Raper’s suit has no mentions of medical problems involving her now 2-year-old daughter.

Our lawsuit happy society has decided no one is responsible for their own actions. Pathetic.


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  1. Disgusting…really helps put things in perspective: abortion is today’s slavery. It’s every bit as evil, selfish, primitive, and dehumanizing. Every. Last. Bit.

    Comment by Calvin — March 7, 2007 @ 3:26

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