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March 7, 2007

Morning Coffee 3/7/07

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Comic Book Hero Captain America Dies

On the new edition’s pages, a sniper shoots down the shield-wielding hero as he leaves a courthouse, according to the newspaper.

Now, that is just flat our wrong! If ever we could us a ‘Captain America’ type character, it’s now.

Afghan Soldiers Nab Taliban Big Wig at Checkpoint Dressed as Woman

Afghan soldiers caught a senior Taliban commander at a checkpoint who was wearing a burqa, while NATO forces on Wednesday fought Taliban militants in the second day of the alliance’s largest-ever offensive in Afghanistan.

Does anyone else see a serious irony here? (snicker)

Foul odor leads to 2 bodies in Galveston car trunk

A maintenance man at the Island Bay Resort Apartments near Moody Gardens detected a foul odor from a car on March 2 and called police. Investigators found the bodies after opening the trunk of the 2007 red Chevrolet Cobalt that had been reported stolen by Enterprise Leasing Co. of Houston. The stolen car report was filed Dec. 26 and was associated with a Houston missing person report, Pena said.

Gross! I wonder how long that smell was noticeable before someone reported it. Moody Gardens is a terrific place, but there are some not so great areas close by.

Legislators want pregnant girls reported

Health care professionals would be required to call police if they know or suspect a patient 15 or younger is pregnant, under a bill filed recently in the House and Senate.

I’m not sure how I feel about that idea. On one hand, 15 year old girls, and younger, should not be getting pregnant, and they definitely aren’t mature enough to handle the situation on their own. On the other, will it keep these kids from getting the help they need?

McCain seeks independents’ primary votes

Sen. John McCain’s campaign is mounting a stealth effort to change Republican presidential nomination rules in California to allow independents to vote in the Feb. 5 primary, party and campaign officials in the state have told The Washington Times.

I guess maybe McCain has noticed conservatives aren’t buying into his crap, eh?

For Cheney, Political Toll May Follow Libby Verdict

For weeks, Washington watched, mesmerized, as the trial of I. Lewis Libby Jr. cast Vice President Cheney, his former boss, in the role of puppeteer, pulling the strings in a covert public relations campaign to defend the Bush administration’s case for war in Iraq and discredit a critic.

Vultures. A man was found guilty for lying about something that was dead in the water, yet turning that verdict into more political fodder against the Vice President is just down right childish. Considering one of the jurors was a reporter in a previous life doesn’t make me feel too confident about ‘justice’ being served.

ACLU sues over treatment of immigrant kids

‘There is simply no justification for imprisoning innocent children who pose no threat to anyone,” said Vanita Gupta, an attorney with the ACLU’s Racial Justice Program.

Blame their parents for bring them here illegally. How many tax dollars have been used to house illegals? Perhaps, instead of tying up the courts, the ACLU should take in donations of toys and clothes from churches in the area to help alleviate the stress the kids are under thanks to their parents?


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