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March 8, 2007

Morning Coffee 3/8/07

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Busalacchi vote still planned in Senate

The state Senate plans to vote Tuesday on whether to reconfirm Transportation Secretary Frank Busalacchi, despite questions being asked by FBI agents about his role in efforts to resolve a delinquent tax bill for companies owned by a now-indicted donor to Gov. Jim Doyle.

Is it any wonder that people are getting sick of gubmint? They go out of their way to make sure people believe they are corrupt, but that it doesn’t matter. Not only do they NOT condemn law breakers, they embrace them.

Muslims boycott Charlotte talk show

Some local Muslims are urging people to boycott advertisers of WBT’s “Jeff Katz Show,” saying the conservative radio talker insults their religion with “hate-filled” comments on the air.

Here’s a thought. If you don’t like the guy’s show, don’t bloomin’ listen to it. If he’s anything like most conservative talk show hosts, I’ve no doubt Muslims do get a bit annoyed by anyone putting the truth out there.

IAEA freezes nuclear technical aid programs to Iran

Delegates to a 35-nation meeting of the International Atomic Energy Agency on Thursday approved the suspension of nearly two dozen nuclear technical aid programs to Iran as part of UN sanctions imposed because of the country’s nuclear defiance.

No, I don’t think this means diddly.

Buildup in Iraq Needed Into ’08, U.S. General Says

The day-to-day commander of American forces in Iraq has recommended that the heightened American troop levels there be maintained through February 2008, military officials said Wednesday.

Shouldn’t we be listening to the generals? Of course not, the leftists cut and run crowd know best. PFFT!

Fire in New York City Home Kills 8 Children and 1 Adult

Eight children and one adult were killed in a three-story brick home in the Bronx during one of New York City’s deadliest blazes in recent memory, authorities said.

Why is it always the children?

Killing food tax would hurt state, says finance chief

Tennessee could face a $228 million revenue shortfall in five years if legislation to phase out the food tax is approved, according to new figures released Wednesday by state finance officials.

Thirty-seven Republican legislators have signed on to a bill that would cut the 6 percent food tax by half a cent over the next 12 years.

Gov. Phil Bredesen has strongly opposed the measure.

Of course Bredesen opposes a tax cut. He’s a Democrat. Cutting state spending is never an option, is it.

Bill seeks to have all high school seniors apply to college

Taking a cue from a Maine high school, Maine’s House speaker is proposing legislation requiring graduating high school seniors to complete at least one college application before getting their diplomas.

While I think an advanced education is a good idea for many students, legislating high school kids applying for college is a ridiculous idea. Aren’t there more pressing issues for the Massachusetts to deal? If a kid wants to forgo college, or the family can’t afford it, then what business it of so called lawmakers? Who’s going to pay for it if they are accepted?  SHEESH!


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