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March 9, 2007

Dick Cheney

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I’m going to put this right out there in front: I like Dick Cheney! I have no doubt that if he had been in charge, heads would have rolled a long time ago from all the leaking going on, the war in Iraq would have gone in a tougher direction, and things could be winding down now. There’d be no PC nonsense going on in the White House, it would be straight shootin’, on all fronts.

I’ve come to think that the media (aka Democrat Party) wants him to resign because they are afraid of him. Typically fear, in a case like this, means you’ve got something to hide. Cheney doesn’t seem to showing any fear, but the media and the lefty loons sure do. The Cheney Derangement that has been escalating with the Scooter Libby conviction just has me flabbergasted. If they get their way, impeach the president, then the VP becomes president. They don’t want that! Dick Cheney is nobody’s suck up. However, if he’s forced to resign over all the flack THEY are creating, then the way is clear for some mealy mouth type that can be controlled to step into the President’s chair. Do we really want that?


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