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March 9, 2007

Evening Snack

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Tennessee lawmakers look to make tough sex-offender laws even tougher

Following a national trend galvanized by high-profile sex crimes, Tennessee politicians are proposing stiffer penalties — including death — and more rigorous tracking for the convicted.


Budget has $1.7 billion in new fees, taxes

The Fiscal Bureau summary said Doyle’s budget includes $48.5 million in tax cuts.

Are those the same kind of “cuts” the Dems accused the Republicans of during the ’90s with the lunch program? Instead of an 8% increase, it was a, say, 5% increase. Is it that kind of “cut”? He wanted to raise the fees and taxes over $2 billion, but settled for $1.7? That cut of cut?

Gov. Perry commutes death sentence to life in prison

Doil Edward Lane, 45, sought to overturn his 1994 death sentence for the 1980 murder of an 8-year-old San Marcos girl, citing a U.S. Supreme Court decision barring the execution of mentally retarded defendants.

He killed a child. I don’t care what his mental standing might be. Just more evidence that Perry is a RINO.

Adventure comes to an end for Chirac

President Chirac is due to announce his retirement tomorrow, clearing the way for successors who deplore the state in which he is leaving France.

Gee, he’ll be missed……NOT!

Recovery & ribbon-cutting
Nearly 10 years in the making, the opening of the new USS Monitor Center marks the happy end of a long and often uncertain rescue effort.

But no one in the enthusiastic throng was more excited or pleased by the outcome of the $30-million addition to The Mariners’ Museum than the former Navy diver who commanded the challenging expeditions that recovered the Monitor’s historic gun turret nearly five years ago.

There’s a pretty good seafood place behind the museum. Two good reasons to go back soon. 🙂

Lawmakers Vow Hearings on FBI Errors

Amid a growing furor on Capitol Hill over the disclosures in a Justice Department inspector general’s report, FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III publicly took responsibility for the lapses but defended the use of national security letters as a vital tool in the war on terrorism.

When is there NOT a furor on the Hill? If it wasn’t this, it would be something else. They don’t impress me. When they actually do something beside whine and moan, I’ll pay attention.

Woman with ties to gov’s wife allegedly stole $2.1 mil.
Scheme ‘a ripoff of the taxpayers’

Anita Mahajan, who has had business ties to Gov. Blagojevich’s wife, used lucrative no-bid contracts to steal $2.1 million from taxpayers while lying about her company’s tax status, prosecutors said Thursday.

Are there any politicians and their buds who do not play lose and fast with the taxpayers money?

Audit finds planting program cost far more than value of flora alone

For nearly four years, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power spent $101 each time it delivered a tree worth $12 to ratepayers under its Trees for a Green L.A. giveaway, according to a new internal audit.

Approved in 2001, the free-tree program offered ratepayers as many as seven shade trees delivered to their homes in an effort to reduce air-conditioning and energy demands. Trees also were distributed and planted near public buildings and on public land.

Wouldn’t it have saved a slew of money if they just gave the rater payer a credit for 12 bucks if they bought a tree? What idjit came up with that idea!


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