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March 9, 2007


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Golly gee, lefties are hypocrites. Who knew!

Of Hate-Speech and Hypocrisy

The left-wing Daily Kos blog has been driving a campaign to have companies pull ads from Ann Coulter’s website after the conservative author used a slur in a recent speech, but leftist websites — including Daily Kos — have themselves used the offending word in the past.

Daily Kos postings have included the word “faggot” at least three times in recent years, as have other liberal blogs — without apology, and without generating a furor.

Main Entry: fag·got
Pronunciation: ‘fa-g&t
Function: noun
Etymology: earlier and dialect, contemptuous word for a woman or child, probably from 1fagot
usually disparaging : a male homosexual

When did the definition change?

It was soon reported that at least three companies had pulled advertising from Coulter’s site, following postings on Daily Kos in which target companies were identified and their contact information provided.

Which companies? I’ll be sure not to patronize them.

However the term may be interpreted, Coulter is not alone in using it.

Daily Kos itself has not shied away from the word. Nor has it removed postings that use it. Examples include:

* a headline reading: “Democrats and the faggot problem.”
* a headline asking: “Who invited the little faggot?”
* a headline reading: “When is a faggot just a bundle of sticks?”

(That posting goes on to ask, “What’s up with the little sly gay jokes? Hmm? As I read the comments in discussions on DKos, there are times when I almost have to check and see if I accidentally stumbled into a Wingnut [right-wing] blog.”)

Here’s a major pot and kettle scenario. When are the leftists going to own up to their own hypocrisy? My guess…..never!


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