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March 10, 2007

Morning Coffee 3/10/07

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Milwaukee man arrested after high-speed chase

A 21-year-old Milwaukee man who led a Dodge County Sheriff’s deputy on a chase with speeds reaching 110 mph has been charged.

Javod Petty made an initial appearance Friday afternoon in Dodge County Circuit Court where he was charged with fleeing an officer and possession of marijuana, second offense.

HEY! Y’all keep your loony tunes down there. We’ve got enough of our own already. :/

New plant will call Union City its home

Union City has found the first company that will locate in the city’s 548-acre industrial park.

Mi-Jack Products Inc., which specializes in manufacturing gantry cranes with rubber tires, is expected to open in an existing building in the industrial park by September or October, according to Frank Calomino, the company’s senior vice president of operations.

When was the last time a company found a home in Wisconsin? Just asking.

Evangelicals battle over agenda, environment

A struggle for control of the evangelical agenda intensified this week, with some leaders declaring that the focus has strayed too far from their signature battles against abortion and gay rights.

Those issues defined the evangelical movement for more than two decades — and cemented ties with the Republican Party. But in a caustic letter, leaders of the religious right warned that these “great moral issues of our time” were being displaced by a “divisive and dangerous” alignment with the left on global warming.

It’s pretty bad when even Evangelicals get caught up in the moonbat agenda. Seems the propaganda is working. Sad.

National Dems urge donations to Clifford

This spring’s state Supreme Court race is drawing the attention of a national Democratic group that wants to keep the nonpartisan seat out of conservative hands.

There is nothing nonpartisan about the courts these days. Who are they trying to fool?

White’s clean air campaign under fire in Austin

In a move that would stymie Mayor Bill White’s plans to clean up Houston’s air, two state lawmakers have filed legislation that would prohibit local governments from regulating pollution coming from outside their boundaries.

Houston is nasty, and I can understand the need to clean it up. Trying to regulate what other towns do around you isn’t right. Wouldn’t it make more sense to work with those towns, like Pasadena that stinks to high heaven, not try to regulate against them?

Midstate’s Springfield wants to be Homer’s

If Homer gets hungry in the Robertson County seat, he could always chow down on something other than doughnuts.

“We’re known for barbecue,” said Mayor Billy Paul Carneal, noting the 80-year-old tradition that is J.I. Bald win & Son Barbecue on Central Avenue.

You mean there really are towns that are competing to be THAT Springfield? Why?

Judge: Don’t transport any more detainees

A federal judge yesterday barred immigration officials from whisking out of state any more of the New Bedford sweatshop workers who were detained earlier this week after a controversial raid that has sparked outrage and captured nationwide attention.

I feel real bad those parents put their kids in such an unacceptable situation. Shouldn’t people be more concerned that this types of things don’t happen in the future by closing that flood gate?

Nagin’s PAC is prepared for political opportunities

Though he says he’s not running for anything, Nagin took in 192 contributions totaling more than $410,000 after he defeated Lt. Gov. Mitch Landrieu in last spring’s mayoral runoff. CHANGE received just nine contributions and all the money rolled in right before the May 20 election, according to the filing.

Hasn’t that man done enough damage already? Sure makes you wonder who the big money is behind him, who’s bought and paid for him.



  1. The simple fact that in your first item the guy’s name was “Petty” should give it away….–think NASCAR 🙂

    Comment by Pete Fanning — March 10, 2007 @ 9:17

  2. Ooooh… guess I just don’t have a NASCAR type brain. 🙂

    Comment by olbroad — March 10, 2007 @ 9:31

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