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March 11, 2007

Morning Coffee 3/11/07

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Waupun pool to be demolished
Estimates to repair structure reached nearly $3 million

The Depression-era swimming pool at Waupun County Park that has served swimmers for generations will soon be just a memory.

There is no Waupun County. The pool is in Fond du Lac County. Hard to rely on a print paper that can’t get facts straight.

Bush entourage banishes Chavez

For the past week, one name has been studiously missing from Mr. Bush’s interviews and press conferences before and during his weeklong Latin America trip: Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who says the American leader is afraid to mention his name.

What an ego that bozo has! Perhaps it’s the same as a gnat, you ignore the irritating pest? I see no reason for Bush, or anyone else to mention him. Feeding his attention habit is harmful, fear doesn’t enter into it.

Sub expedition brings back ‘promising’ clues

An area discovered on the floor of the Gulf of Mexico about 100 miles south of here could be the remnants of a long-ago shoreline and a place to look for signs of human habitation during the last Ice Age, scientists returning from a submarine expedition said Saturday.

Changing coastlines. Interesting idea. Ya hear that algore? The planet changes.

Newborn Kidnapped From Texas Hospital Found Alive in New Mexico

The infant was kidnapped early Saturday by a woman posing as a medical worker, police said. The woman walked out of Covenant Lakeside Hospital with the 5-pound baby hidden away in her purse, police said.

Why do people steal babies? And just what happened to the increased security all hospitals are suppose to have?

Former Iraq minister denies theft of millions

A former Iraqi defence minister whose 10 months in office coincided with the disappearance of more than $800m (£400m) from the ministry’s coffers is living openly in Amman and London despite a warrant for his arrest.

Is it any wonder people here are getting fed up with the situation in Iraq? Favored Iraqi officials are getting more than favored treatment for fleecing the American taxpayers and the Iraqi people.

Bill would force couples with kids to wait up to year for a divorce

Some critics think the process for ending marriages in Tennessee moves too swiftly. They’ve pushed for the introduction of a bill in the state legislature that would force couples with children to wait up to a year before their divorces become final.

It should be harder to get a divorce than it is these days. It should be even harder to get married. I speak from that stand point of an ol’ broad with experience, but I won’t elaborate.

Man allegedly arranged for sex with girl during O’Hare layover

Carrying his cat and expecting sex, an Alaskan civil engineer got off a flight from Turkey, made his way through customs at O’Hare Airport and then walked out into the international terminal where families and friends meet travelers, authorities said.

But when he went to look for what he thought was a 14-year-old girl willing to perform oral sex, he was instead busted by the Cook County Sheriff’s Police Child Exploitation Unit, authorities said.


National standards set for Aussie teachers

The draft framework sets out mandatory requirements that education courses must meet for teachers to be registered in government, catholic and independent schools.

Not a bad idea. Make sure teachers meet the requirements necessary to actually teach kids. Interesting concept. One that should be implemented in this country.



  1. The baby was kidnapped here in Lubbock. I’m thinking this woman must have known a lot about the hospital because they DO have lots of security features…special bracelets for the babies that should trigger the doors to lock, things like that. I’m sure we’ll find out more over the next few days. I’m just so happy the baby is OK. I can’t imagine how horrible it would be to have your child kidnapped.

    Comment by Semper Fi Mom — March 11, 2007 @ 4:01

  2. Is it possible the person actually worked at the hospital?

    Comment by olbroad — March 11, 2007 @ 4:13

  3. All I’ve heard is that the woman was wearing scrubs when she took the baby and that she is a native of Clovis, NM and that’s where they found her and the baby. When they actually get the woman back to Lubbock I guess we’ll learn more.

    Comment by Semper Fi Mom — March 11, 2007 @ 8:59

  4. I just don’t understand the mind set of someone who would do such a thing, no matter what their reasoning is. It just ain’t right! grrrrrrrr

    Comment by olbroad — March 11, 2007 @ 9:10

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