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March 12, 2007

The Sky Reallly IS Falling

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‘Falling star’ frightens Earthlings

Cynthia Crowther had just lit a cigarette outside her Newmarket home when the sky suddenly caught fire.

“Oh my God, I think I just saw a plane crash,” she declared to her husband, running inside.

A ball of light, seething white, had careered overhead, spitting out dazzling debris.

She called police, the government, airport authorities.

Russell Crowther, seeing his wife so frantic, imagined something even worse.

“I thought it was a nuclear warhead,” he recalls. “I was just squinting, waiting for us to evaporate.”

Saw one of these on my last drive to Tennessee. It was pretty cool. No, I didn’t call 911.

But what actually fell from the sky on Sunday night, visible between 8 and 8:30 p.m. to rapt observers from southern Ontario to Milwaukee, Wis., was likely a rock, no bigger than a fist and weighing about a kilogram.

Does a rock usually take a half hour to fall? Maybe it was aliens just passing through. 🙂

It was dramatic enough for television stations in Wisconsin to take a break from unsolved cow murders and assure residents that it was not a UFO.

Bite my hinder!

NORAD certainly didn’t flinch.

Charged with monitoring the skies across the continent, the North American Aerospace Defense Command uses a battery of radar, satellites and aircraft to cast its net.

I’m sure if the mother ship was coming to pick someone up (me?), NORAD would surely have noticed. 🙂

Could this rare hint from the heavens be stuck in some Uxbridge heifer’s hindquarters?

“Of course, if it hit that cow, the cow is going to be lying there dead,” Delaney notes. “So the farmer will be a little ticked.”

Who writes this nonsense anyway?


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