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March 14, 2007

Morning Coffee 3/14/07

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Attorney General Gonzales: My Fate Is in President Bush’s Hands

One day after he took responsibility for mistakes made in the firings of eight U.S. attorneys, Gonzales told FOX News: “I am focused on looking to see what happened here in this particular case with respect to these U.S. attorneys and making sure that doesn’t happen again.”

I was under the impression that it was the firings that were the mistake, it was the handling. This makes it sound like they did something wrong. The Dems sure do have short memories.

E-mails detail White House tactics behind firings

He recommended retaining “strong U.S. attorneys who have … exhibited loyalty to the president and attorney general.” He suggested “removing weak U.S. attorneys who have … chafed against administration initiatives.”

And the problem with this would be…..?? I sure would want people who were loyal to me in positions of influence. Kind of defeats the purpose if you have folks stabbing you in the back every time you turn around, undermining your administration.

Foreclosure filings soar
Uncharacteristically, state worse than U.S.

Another ugly surprise reported Tuesday by the Mortgage Bankers Association was that Wisconsin, long known for superior bill-paying performance, had a foreclosure rate worse than the nation’s – 1.42% of all loans in the fourth quarter.

Back during the big boom in Houston of the 80s, people would buy these McMansions. When the boom was over, they were stuck with these huge mortgages, and property tax bills they just couldn’t pay. I think we all try to live beyond our means, and the lending industry does NOT help. Of course, when you are living in tax hell, no one should be surprised.

Modano scores 500th in Stars’ win

The Stars’ unassuming superstar scored the 500th goal of his career in the most inconspicuous fashion, flipping in a rebound with the crowd still celebrating Jussi Jokinen’s dazzling goal only 34 seconds earlier.

Yeah yeah.   Ick in law and E are doing the snoopy dance. Whatever. 🙂

Pope stands ground on abortion, gay ‘marriage’

Pope Benedict XVI yesterday set out “nonnegotiable values” as he urged Catholic lawmakers to oppose laws favoring divorce, abortion, homosexual “marriage” and euthanasia. In a long-awaited text, the pope exhorted “Catholic politicians and legislators … to introduce and support laws inspired by values grounded in human nature.”

I wonder how many Catholic “lawmakers” will end up being excommunicated? Do they still do that?

Mary Winkler will not face death penalty

The facts of the case did not justify any of the aggravating factors as outlined in the law for capital punishment cases, Dunavant explained.
Winkler is accused of shooting her husband, 31-year-old Matthew Winkler, in the back as he lay in bed, possibly asleep, last March. Matthew Winkler, 31, was a well-liked preacher at Selmer’s Fourth Street Church of Christ.

If the charges of spousal abuse are true, then I agree, she should NOT get the death penalty.

Islamic Militants in Pakistan Bomb Targets Close to Home

Along the Afghan border, not far from this northwestern city, Islamic militants have used a firm foothold over the past year to train and dispatch suicide bombers against American and NATO forces in Afghanistan.

But in recent weeks the suicide bombers have turned on Pakistan itself, carrying out six attacks and killing 35 people. Militant leaders have threatened to unleash scores more, in effect opening a new front in their war.

I think it’s about time all countries start taking this seriously, and wipe the SOBs out! It’s not going to stop, even if the Dems get their way with the cut and run tactic. Attacks are going to increase all over the world.


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