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March 16, 2007

We Have NO Control Over the Planet!

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12 degree Celsius = 53.6 degree Fahrenheit
17 degree Celsius = 62.6 degree Fahrenheit
22 degree Celsius = 71.6 degree Fahrenheit

Interesting. A fluctuation of 18 degrees. Wow, ain’t that a kick in the pants….preferably Gore and his disciples.

I’d say the odds are…..we ain’t gonna fry! The temperature has been fluctuating for longer than man has been on this planet. What makes us think we have that big of an impact? We just ain’t that dadburn important. Get over it! And hey algore, get over YOUR self too, you ain’t that important either!

(yes bad grammer….so sue me 🙂 )

The way I see it, if we can’t adapt to our environment as it changes, we don’t deserve to be in charge. Are we so arrogant to believe that we control this big ol’ spinning ball? PFFT! We can quit polluting, make the air a bit nicer, but if anyone truly believes that anything we do can affect the thermometer, they are well and truly cracked.


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