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March 17, 2007


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Palestinians swear allegiance to Bin Laden

A group of Palestinians have sworn allegiance to Osama Bin Laden and al-Qaeda, according to statement posted on a major internet jihad forum last month.

The message appeared on the al-Firdaws forum – a meeting point of jihadis from around the world – and declared: “We believe that God will walk on the path of Sheikh Osama, may God preserve him, and the path of the martyr Abu Musab al-Zarqawi…. We in the jihad in the land of Rabat (Islamic term for Israel – Y.L.) do not belong to any faction, and we declare loyalty to Sheikh Osama, may God preserve him. We pledge to go down the path of the martyrs and fighters in Mesopotamia (Iraq), Chechnya, Afghanistan, and all parts of the world.”

I must have missed this on the news when it came out, right? Personally, instead of G-d preserving that pig, his burial would be much more appropriate. But hey, that’s just me.

Zawahiri’s message was echoed in the internet statement. “We, a group of Muslim youth, created this group, praise God… we do not see any of the organizations that exist in Palestine as being affiliated to Islam. They are only affiliated to special interests,” the message added.

The user who posted the message, calling himself Abu Ahmad, accused Hamas of allying itself to a “secular Fatah.”

“Abbas is a client of the Americans, and (PA security chief Muhammad) Dahlan is a client of the Zionists,” he wrote.

The group’s statement asked Muslims around the world for support, and expressed a desire to “become holy fighters for the sake of God and Islam.”

Yet there are many, mostly on the left, who don’t think these folks are a problem. When the next attack comes, and it will come, thanks to the laxness of our very own government, think about the continuous threats we have heard from these people. They have told us time and again, they mean to destroy Western civilization. Why is it that no one is paying attention?

Another Palestinian posting on the forum, who appears to be a supporter of Hamas, was critical of the announcement. “My brother should not flaunt his group at the expense of another group,” he wrote. “We have our ideas and strategies, and you have forgotten that the truce (with Israel) has given us time… You have to prepare to move beyond faith, and prepare militarily,” he added.

Yep, that’s all that has happened. The bad guys have had more time to regroup and recruit.


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