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March 18, 2007

Evening Snack

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Pedestrian critical after being hit by SUV

A 64-year-old Charlotte County man was in critical condition after he was hit by an SUV this morning, the Florida Highway Patrol reports.

Now, I really hope the man will be ok, but to make it sound as if the SUV drove itself, it just absurd.

UNLV 74, UW 68

Wisconsin, the No. 2 seed, finished the year 30-6. Senior guard Kammron Taylor, who scored 11 straight points for the Badgers during a frantic rally in the final 3 minutes, scored 24 points for the Badgers. Senior forward Alando Tucker had 17 but none during the final 5 1/2 minutes.

Well, that sucks. Sorry Mr. Ol’ Broad. :/

‘28% of Israel’s Arabs deny Holocaust’

More than a quarter of Israel’s Arab citizens believe the Holocaust never happened, and nearly two thirds of Israeli Jews avoid entering Arab towns, a poll by an Israeli university showed Sunday, demonstrating the poor state of relations between the two communities.

This does make it easier for a peace to be achieved. Not that it ever would, even without the poll numbers, but at least there wouldn’t be as much fear and hatred between the two, I would hope.

Will Fred’s old, red pickup ride again on presidential trail?

If Fred Thompson decides to run for president, it’s hard to imagine him driving to the Iowa caucus in anything but his famed red Chevy pickup truck — the vehicle that became a colorful signature for his 1994 U.S. Senate campaign in Tennessee.

Well, I guess I should be on the look out for an old red Chevy truck, huh. Yeah, like I haven’t seen at least a thousand old pick ’em up trucks in the last few days. :/ OH, and by the way…..RUN, FRED! RUN!!! Please?? 🙂

Democratic plan will assure failure in Iraq, security adviser says

President Bush’s national security adviser said Sunday that House Democrats will assure failure in Iraq and waste the sacrifice of U.S. soldiers with legislation to remove troops.

Democratic critics are demanding faster progress. They say Bush has mishandled the four-year-old war, at tremendous cost to the United States.

They’ve done nothing but whine since this whole thing started. How ’bout instead of griping all the time, come up with something other than cut and run, like say, VICTORY?

Man Gets $122G for Bite by Sister’s Cat

A nasty bite on the hand that a man got from his sister’s Siamese cat is worth $122,400.

A jury on Friday awarded Michael Sabo, 57, the money for an injury he got when the cat, Randy, bit his right hand in March 2004.

Hey, I’ve been bit by a cat. I never got over a hundred grand. It’s called hydrogen peroxide. Works great. Sheesh!

Longtime Saddam ally and former prime minister Hammadi dies

BEIRUT: Saadoun Hammadi, a longtime ally of Saddam Hussein and one of the most senior Iraq Baath party leaders, was reported dead on Friday. He was believed to be suffering from leukemia. Hammadi left Iraq in 2004 for medical treatment in Germany, but settled in Qatar in early 2005.

Gee, sorry to hear that. :/


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