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March 19, 2007


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New, less dangerous course needed in Iraq

Today marks the fourth anniversary of this nation’s invasion of Iraq and the beginning of the Iraq war. As this sad anniversary dawns, it is clear that this whole misbegotten venture has been a disaster, both abroad and at home. A new strategy for Iraq is needed.

I’m sure each and every soldier, fighting for your right to be a moron, thanks you.

How big a disaster has the Iraq war been? Well, to date, more than 3,100 American lives have been lost, and thousands more have been wounded.

3,100 lives given for the freedom of another nation, or saving their own. Each should be honored as the hero he, or she is.

Instead of stability, the country is rocked daily with suicide bombings and insurgent attacks. Instead of peace and democracy, the country is in a virtual state of civil war. Even more distressing is that the Bush administration is stubbornly determined to “stay the course” in the hard face of reality in Iraq.

Evidently, no one told the Iraqis, since they seem to be quite pleased with the freedoms they now have. Yes, they know things are rough right now, but small improvements have been made, and it would be nice if the media jackasses would acknowledge that once in a while. If the troops had been allowed to do what they were trained to do, instead of playing PC babysitters, odds are, the bad guys would have taken their bombs and gone elsewhere.

A better way would be to abandon forever the now disproved theory of pre-emptive strikes. If we’ve learned anything from Iraq, it’s that this strategy doesn’t work. Instead of preventing violence, they actually make things worse by encouraging other countries to take steps to protect themselves.

Idiot! I suppose it would be much better for the innocents in America to be slaughter on a regular basis before we strike? We didn’t make things worse, things have been bad in that region for decades, but they had Hussein to keep them in line. I guess his type is this writer’s idea of a hero?

On this sad anniversary, every American should pause to offer thanks to those who have served and sacrificed so bravely in this futile war. We urge President Bush to chart a new, less dangerous and isolated course in Iraq. It is the right thing to do for America and for the people of Iraq.

Just what the hell is a less dangerous WAR?

On this day four years ago, I was in Galveston. I attended a rally in support of our troops on the seawall, then went to have dinner with my sister, niece and granddaughter at The Rain Forest Cafe. The news came we had started bombing Iraq. Yes, it was a sad day that it came to this, but although mistakes have been made, it was not a mistake to take out that madman. It is a mistake to “stay the course”, it is NOT a mistake to expect victory, and nothing less. Let the military do their jobs, and stop Monday morning quarterbacking! You aren’t there, you have NO idea what is really going on. Neither do I, other than what the soldiers themselves have told me. And they are just as sick of the crap spewing out from the media as I am.


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