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March 21, 2007

Lawmakers Won’t Enforce The Law

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English-only driver’s license tests die in legislature

Legislation that would have required driver’s license tests to be given only in English and allowed state troopers to begin enforcing immigration laws were killed Tuesday in a House subcommittee.

There is something real wrong here.

“Let’s get rid of our redneck image and go back to saying we want people to come here,” said Pinion, D-Union City.

What does being a “redneck” have to do with taking a test to be able to drive legally in the language of the land? That language being ENGLISH!  And just what is wrong with being a redneck?

Rep. Tom DuBois, R-Columbia, who sponsored the bill, said he is concerned that non-English speakers won’t know how to read traffic signs that are only in English.

Personal opinion, it’s plain ol’ common sense. I suppose, however, that common sense in lacking in Dems all over the country.

The committee also voted 6-5 to kill a bill that sought to allow the Tennessee Highway Patrol to sign an agreement with the federal government to enforce immigration laws on the state roads.

The measure sponsored by Rep. Dolores Gresham, R-Somerville, had unanimously passed in a full Senate vote a day earlier. It sought to authorize the commissioner of the state Department of Safety to negotiate an agreement with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Again, a lack of common sense. Although, when you think about it, this guy voted down obeying the bloomin’ law. Hmm…

Safety Commissioner Dave Mitchell said the department was not certain about how much it would cost to enforce immigration laws. Mitchell said the administration also opposed the English-only driver’s tests.

So hey, if it costs too much to enforce the law, why do we have laws at all? I have become more and more annoyed with the President’s lack of concern when it comes to keeping our nation safe from the invasion we have been enduring by those coming here illegally.


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