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March 23, 2007

Stopped for the Night

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I have arrived in…..where am I?  Ok, I’m in Ruston, LA.  The car just pulled into the first HI it saw west of Monroe.  🙂

It was an interesting drive.  The scenery was beautiful till I got till Jackson, MS.  Dang, that town has seriously GROWN.  Of course, it’s been about 20 years since I’ve been in that area, so I guess that’s normal.  I was seriously surprised how great the road was, until I got 20 miles north of Jackson.  It wasn’t an interstate, or even a U.S. route.  I guess it was a state road.  The draw back….lack of gas stations.  Not that I needed gas, but there are other facilities that are necessary after 5 cups of coffee.  🙂

Radio listening was sketchy in some areas.  Why is it that the only stations that come in loud and clear for hours are ESPN and Gospel music?  The best listening was from a station in Monroe.  Imagine a seriously southern version of Hannity & Colmes talking about Louisiana politics.  It was hilarious (at least in my point of view…the conservative wiped the floor with the Dem 🙂  ).  I wish I had caught their names cuz I’d try to find their show on the internet.  I didn’t even find out what station they were on before I lost the signal.   Some AM stations sure don’t carry to far, do they.  :/

Got a “Butthead Driver” award for Billiam.  A big ol’ semi turns onto U.S. 45, getting into the left hand lane, which makes sense since he was turning from the opposite side of the road.  Where the “butthead” part comes in….the idjit hasn’t even started speeding up, yet pulls into the right hand lane, smack dab in front of me.  Darn good thing I’ve got good brakes!!  New ones, at that!  What a maroon!  There was a car next to me so I couldn’t move over to go around him.  I realize trucks can’t stop or speed up like little bitty ol’ cars can, but there was absolutely NO reason for that fool to pull in front of me like that.  grrrrrr….

Exciting day, eh?  🙂   Now, if they could just get my pizza order right.  sigh…  I knew I should have checked it before the guy left.


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