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March 24, 2007

Guilt Offsets

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Total Kaos Guilt Offsets Now On Sale!!

On the heels of one of the zaniest scams Dave and I have ever heard of, I. E. Al Gore’s Carbon credits, we here at Total Kaos are now prepared to offer Total Kaos Guilt Offsets.

Yes, for a limited time only, it will be possible for you or a loved one to purchase from the Total Kaos crew any number of credits good towards alleviating whatever guilt type you may be experiencing.

Finally, a simple, full proof method that will wash away forever all those uncomfortable stressful feelings.

Do you have ‘white guilt’? Are you embarrassed due to your oppressive role in keeping the black man down? We’ve got the answer. Simply call now to 718-664-9588 and one of our operators will be glad to get you on that first step towards Narcissistic pale skinned freedom. At only $250 an hour , reparations never felt so good!


H/T: The Discerning Texan


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