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March 24, 2007

What I Saw Today

Filed under: Travel — olbroad @ 4:10

I saw many baby future steak on the hoof:


There were quite a few of these squished in the middle of the road:


And a few of these:


Then, there were fields and fields of these:


The great thing about staying off the interstates, you get to see lots of things you wouldn’t ordinarily. The number of antique stores with rusted stuff sitting outside was amazing. One oddity…. for a change, it was me passing everyone on the road. And I was doing the speed limit. Cops seem to be REAL serious about enforcement. Criminy, there were a lot of ’em.



  1. You know, I had to leave Texas to find out armadillos were round. You only see the flat ones in Texas.

    Comment by rosettaresearch — March 24, 2007 @ 5:39

  2. You mean, they really are round? I thought that was just from the stuffin’! 🙂

    Comment by olbroad — March 24, 2007 @ 5:57

  3. Armadillos, possum on the half shell… 🙂

    Comment by TexasFred — March 24, 2007 @ 7:19

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