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March 25, 2007

Morning Coffee 3/25/07

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Activists remember a different Romney
Advocates for gay and abortion rights and the environment say the GOP candidate misled them on his positions.

Today, Romney is running for president and promising to pull the Republican Party in the opposite direction, returning it to the conservative principles of Ronald Reagan. He has renounced his support for abortion rights and has shifted his language on gay rights, campaign finance and other issues, bringing him more in step with Republican voters. He mocks Massachusetts, the state he led until January, as “sort of San Francisco East, Nancy Pelosi-style.”

I guess only Dems can have a change of heart.

Lawmakers push to restore civics education to school curriculum

“We have responsibilities to our community and to other people to be good citizens,” said Kurita, D-Clarksville. “And I think that civic classes are a way to teach how comprehensive this responsibility really is.”

Excellent idea, IF the class isn’t used to indoctrinate. They should probably throw in a class or two covering ethics.

Officer’s killer has lengthy record, police say
Gunman had fled twice in two weeks

The man who killed a Dallas police officer Friday fled days earlier from members of a federal fugitive task force who saw him leave the Oak Cliff home of a possible associate of the feared Mexican drug enforcers, the Zetas, police said Saturday.

So why would such a criminal, a possible Mexican drug enforcer, on the streets in this country?

Cabinet approves war’s name
Ministers unanimously agree to define last summer’s conflict as war, name it ‘Second Lebanon War’

The cabinet has also accepted a recommendation to award citations to soldiers who fought in the war based on these new definitions.

These people have nothing better to do than sit around and come up with a name for a war? Sheesh!

Pressure Mounts On Iran

Britain does not know where 15 captured British servicemen are being held, the Government has said as crisis talks continue to secure their release.

Foreign Office Minister Lord Triesman, speaking in Tehran, repeated demands for the group to be freed.

Ahmabooboo flexing his muscles doesn’t bode well for the entire world, much less those sailors.

‘We want these funerals to end’
Drunken drivers take horrible toll on family: cops

In court documents, the victim is referred to as “the fetus.”

But to Eileen Simmons of Aurora, she is baby Addison — her beautiful, perfectly formed great-granddaughter who died in a fiery car crash along with her mother, who would have given birth to her two weeks later.

This was a human being, killed by someone too selfish to recognize the risks of getting behind the wheel of a car.

Japan quake kills 1, injures 170

A powerful earthquake struck central Japan on Sunday, killing at least one person and injuring 170 others as it toppled buildings, triggered landslides and generated a small tsunami along the coast. The quake was followed throughout the day by aftershocks.

I pray the injured make a speedy recovery.


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