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March 27, 2007

Evening Snack

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House GOP: Protect ‘John Does’ on flights

House Republicans today surprised Democrats with a procedural vote to protect public-transportation passengers from being sued if they report suspicious activity — the first step by lawmakers to protect “John Doe” airline travelers already targeted in a lawsuit by Muslim imams that charges profiling.

Why were the Dems surprised? Isn’t that what we’re suppose to do? Report suspicious activity? WITHOUT worrying about being sued?

Senate signals support for troop withdrawal from Iraq

The Democratic-controlled Senate narrowly signaled support today for the withdrawal of U.S. combat troops from Iraq by next March, triggering an instant veto threat from the White House in a deepening dispute between Congress and commander in chief.

Republican attempts to scuttle the non-binding timeline failed, 50-48, largely along party lines.

50 a$$wipes! Plain and simple!

PM ‘pushed Hicks into plea’

David Hicks’ father Terry says the Australian Government put pressure on his son to plead guilty to a charge of providing support for terrorism.

I guess it never occured to daddy that he just might actually BE guilty? Naw!

Crude Oil Rises a Seventh Day on Speculation of Iran Conflict

Crude oil rose for a seventh day in New York on speculation of a confrontation in the Persian Gulf between U.S. or British forces and Iran, raising concern supplies from the Middle East may be disrupted.

So, tell me again why we can’t drill in our own country? And build some new refineries?

Charges issued in nude photo incident

Twin sisters were arrested in Sheboygan on charges they took partially nude photographs in front of a 5-year-old boy.

The women, both 29, were arrested yesterday after staff at a Walgreens developed their film and spotted the “inappropriate behavior,” according to a Sheboygan Police Department press release issued today.

Sick, twisted, scum, trash!

Thompson rates third among GOP presidential candidates

He’s not even a candidate yet, but Fred Thompson already has risen to third among possible Republican presidential candidates, according to a USA Today/Gallup poll released today.
He was chosen by 12 percent of Republican and Republican-leaning voters who were polled, trailing former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani at 31 percent and Sen. John McCain of Arizona, at 22 percent.

Pretty cool huh! 🙂

Teen drinkers would lose licenses

In the first piece of legislation tied to the Feb. 11 accident that killed five Oswego teens, state Rep. Tom Cross and Weis proposed Monday that anyone under 21 caught drinking any amount of alcohol would face a three-month license suspension.

Only 3 months? That’s it? I would make it a LOT longer than that, and some time in the M E’s “lab”!

Prosecutor outlines case against Hull couple in 4-year-old’s death

The Hull couple accused of drugging their 4-year-old daughter to death continued to be held without bail at their arraignment today as the prosecution depicted two parents hungry for handouts but unable to secure government disability benefits for the little girl they ultimately drugged to death.

I can’t even begin to express my disgust for animals like this!

Mall comes tumbling down

The Coliseum Mall is no longer open. Soon it will be no longer standing.

Demolition of the mall began on Monday morning as workers clear the space that will be home to the Peninsula Town Center, a modern outdoor shopping center expected to be fully open by spring 2009.

Now, I feel REALLY old! I remember when that mall opened. sigh….  Actually, I even remember when the one BEFORE that one opened.  😦


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