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March 28, 2007

Evening Snack

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California Authorities Search for Mother After 3 Newborn Babies Are Abandoned

The first newborn was discovered swaddled in a blanket on a park bench, an umbilical cord still hanging from his tiny body. Then, at neat 11-month intervals, two more abandoned babies were found in parked pickup trucks in the same neighborhood.

There are so many places girls/women could take unwanted children, when something like this happens, it makes me wonder just what has happened that a person would do such a thing. So many couples who want children are unable to have them. Many would take these children in a heartbeat.

Hugs lead to sergeant’s demotion

A sergeant in the Madison County Sheriff’s Department has been demoted because of sexual harassment complaints filed against her by two subordinate officers, department officials confirmed Tuesday.

Well, there’s a switch. People are getting too weird!

Three dead in mid-rise Houston fire

Three people died in a fire at a mid-rise medical office building in east Houston while firefighters continued searching for others, fire officials said.

Several people were rescued and a handful taken to area hospitals suffering from smoke inhalation, including four Houston firefighters.


VA Wasted Millions

Veterans Affairs officials wasted millions on a $100 million computer security contract that became a virtual “open checkbook” because of poor oversight and sloppy management, an internal review says.

A government bureaucracy wasting money? Now, that’s new, isn’t it. PFFFT!

Jihadi groups blamed for disappearances

President General Pervez Musharraf on Tuesday pointedly accused the Islamic extremists or jihadi groups of recruiting or luring innocent people to fight for their misplaced cause in places like Afghanistan, Kashmir and beyond, and rejected the allegation that the people who had disappeared in the last couple of years were in the custody of the intelligence agencies.

Is anyone really surprised? It’s called brainwashing, and it’s happening in the mosques and madrases.

Judge bars Bears fan from becoming ‘Peyton Manning’

Chicago Bears fan Scott Wiese is no Peyton Manning after all.

Macon County Judge Katherine McCarthy ruled this week that Wiese can’t legally call himself Peyton Manning because it would be too confusing and might infringe on the privacy of the Indianapolis Colts quarterback.

That’s fine by Wiese.

It was a stupid bet, but it’s nice to know that there are still people who make the effort to honor their word.

Income tax increases brewing in Senate

In a one-two tax punch, Senate Democrats on Wednesday proposed a tax increase that would hit businesses and acknowledged serious discussions about ratcheting up income taxes — and maybe not just on the wealthy as House leaders suggest.

Dems just can’t stand the idea that people have been keeping more of their OWN money under Bush’s tax cuts. They want to suck the life out of the businesses that provide the jobs that keep people from depending on government.

Dung-Eating Mites Reveal Inca History

Scientists have found a new tool to measure the rise and fall of some ancient civilizations — by counting excrement-eating mites.

The new technique, detailed in the current issue of the Journal of Archaeological Science, has revealed for the first time the level of trade and economic activity during the Inca Empire, which stretched from the present-day Colombian border to the middle of Chile.

Taking sh*t eaters to a whole new level. Ok, that was tacky. 🙂

Wanted: extra cheese, no deadbeats

Customers at some suburban pizza parlors are getting something extra with their pepperoni and mushrooms -wanted posters for parents accused of failing to pay child support.

Interesting idea.


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